Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st September 2020 Happu hearing Kamlesh talking to a friend and telling that he can fool Kat’s father easily as he is smart. Happu slaps him and asks him to say who is he? Kamlesh says Kaiya. Happu says I am an inspector and tells that he will suffocate his neck. Kamlesh says yes. Happu asks him not to flirt with his daughter and tells that he is going for some days. He goes. Kat comes there and asks what happened? Kamlesh tells her everything. Kat tells that her father is very soft like coconut. Kamlesh tells that when coconut breaks on head, it breaks the head. He says your Papa takes me to side and beats me whenever he wants to beat me. Kat says you are safe now as Papa went out of Kanpur, so you are very much safe. She asks him to come inside from the outside stairs. Amma tells Rajjo that pappad should be hard. Malaika asks her to take care of her teeth. Happu comes to his house indisguise of a lady. Malaika asks who are you? Happu says my name is Nitu. Amma asks what do you want? Happu says I want work. Rajjo says I have no work in house for you. Happu cries and tells that she is troubled and needs work. Amma asks her to sit. Happu tells that her husband…and hugs Rajjo.

Amma asks did your husband die? Happu as Nitu tells that her husband is unwell and they have 4 kids. She tells that she came to city insearch of work. Rajjo asks if she will have tea. Happu says she will have food. Amma tells that they will give her food. Happu cooks up a misery story. Malaika thinks she never saw such a painful story in her life. Amma asks Rajjo to give her some work. Rajjo tells that there is just house work. Happu tells that she will do the work. Malaika tells that she needs ID card. Happu thinks I don’t like her and tells that she left ration card at home so that kids don’t get hungry. Rajjo gives roti to Happu. Happu tells that he will feed half to the dog and goes out. Rajjo asks Nitu/Happu to sleep on the floor in her room. Happu asks her about her husband. Rajjo praises Happu and tells that they have 9 kids. She asks didn’t your husband love you. Happu says my husband doesn’t love me and tells that her husband is like a butcher. She says sometimes she feel that she will leave her husband and asks Rajjo if she will leave her husband. Rajjo tells that she will not leave him for seven births. Happu asks where is your husband? Rajjo tells that he went to Meerut. Happu thinks it is good that I didn’t tell her that I am here. Rajjo tells that her back is paining. Happu tells that she will apply balm to her. He applies balm on her neck and tells that it is very soft. Rajjo asks her to sleep on the ground. Happu sleeps on floor.

Rajjo asks Happu to wash the clothes. Happu washes the clothes and puts on rope. Mangal Pandey comes there and asks if this is Happu’s house. Happu hides his face and tells that she doesn’t show her face to any stranger man. Mangal Pandey comes inside the house and asks Rajjo and Amma about Happu. Rajjo tells that he had gone out. Amma asks what is your name? Mangal Pandey tells his name. Amma asks if he is from Sitapur. Mangal Pandey says yes. They turn out to be neighbors. Mangal Pandey tells that he had come to return something to Happu. Amma asks him to give and says she will give. Mangal Pandey says he will give it to Happu only.

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