Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st May 2021 Episode starts with Ranbir singing a sad song while all his siblings looks on. Kat cries hearing a comment from Kamlesh. Malaika asks why he is singing a sad song? Hritik gives chocolate to Ranbir and says it is your share. Ranbir says soon it will be many shares, and tells about Rajjo’s pregnancy, tells that they will be soon 12. Malaika says mummy and Papa have done a big mistake. Kat says we have less rooms, where will we stay. Happu laughs and tells Rajjo that they have to buy one more cradle. He says he will handle some kids and Amma is also there to handle the kids. Rajjo gets upset and taunts him. Malaika comes there with her siblings and asks what did they do, rather than family planning. She tells that they want freedom. Ranbir sings song. Hritik sings rap song and dances. Happu asks him to be quiet.

Chamchi says when you don’t know about your 9 kids then why 3 more. Happu says I know everything about my kids. Malaika asks him to tell what is she studying? Happu says I am giving fees for your studies. He says Malaika is in 10th std. Malaika says she is in 11th std. Happu says I had paid the fees, as the classes are online, I had the feeling that you are in class 10th. Chamchi asks when is my birthday? Rajjo says 11th March. Chamchi says it was 12th March. Rajjo tells that actually you was born on 11th but Doctor wrote 12th. Malaika, Kat and others kids tell that they shall go to Dadi. Happu stops them. The kids blackmail him to agree to their demands. Hritik says you have to increase our pocket money. Chamchi says you will ask us to study for a week. Malaika says you know Dadi’s anger and I don’t want problem in the house. Happu says I don’t like this girl and tells Rajjo that they spit poison and left.

Later Ranbir, Hritik and Chamchi play a game and the ball hits Dadi. Dadi tells that her head is broken. Ranbir says what is the advantage? Amma gets angry on him and asks why didn’t you go to tution. Hritik says mummy asked us to play. Chamchi says she asked us to study later. Amma asks really? Ranbir says if we are lying then Papa’s leg shall break. Amma calls Rajjo and asks if she asked kids to play now. Rajjo says no. Chamchi, Ranbir and hritik blackmail her indirectly. Rajjo says they were studying.

Happu is upset in the PS. Manohar asks Happu not to return his 300 and asks him to party, as he got promotion due to him. Happu asks him to go. Rajjo comes there and gets angry on Happu. Happu asks what happened? Rajjo asks Manohar if he knows about her pregnancy. Manohar congratulates her. Rajjo tells Happu that the kids are blackmailing her and asks him to tell Amma, else she will leave the house. Happu says she is threatening me in PS and wonders what will she do at home.

Kamlesh drops Kat home. Kat asks him to say bye. Kamlesh asks why she dressed herself as behenji and tells that his friends was laughing at him. Kat says you asked me to wear these clothes and then saying this. They argue. Malaika comes there and says since you became boyfriend and girlfriend, you started fighting. Kat says yes. Kamlesh says everything changed. Malaika says you both are understanding and goes. Kamlesh tells that Malaika is right and tells that friendship is best than love. Kat agrees with him and asks him to say bye. Kamlesh says bye.

Amma thinks I have never seen such a mother, who has no control on her own children. She thinks if she planned attack on my head. Happu comes to Rajjo. Rajjo asks him to tell Amma, says she is in good mood. Happu says she is not in good mood. Rajjo says else I will tell. Happu says I will tell and goes to Happu, asking what she is doing? Amma says she is peeling peas. Happu says he wants to tell something. Amma says if bahu is pregnant again then I will leave. She slaps him. Happu says I wanted to tell that peas is good in paneer. A guy comes there and says he is Abhay and came from Kanpur world record company. Happu says I did world record in taking bribe, but it is official. Abhay says he has set world record in having kids. Amma says he is having just 9, as Sharma has 10 kids. Abhay says soon it will be 12 so I am writing your name in the world record. Happu gets angry. Amma asks who told you about the kids. Abhay says Dr. Udhas told about their triplets soon to be born. Happu beats him and makes him go. Amma gets furious. Happu says it is not like this. Amma goes inside.

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