Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st October 2020 Episode starts with Ranbir waking up Hritik and Chamchi in the morning. Hritik asks him to let them sleep. Ranbir tells that it is 8 am. Hritik tells that mummy didn’t wake up us as today is Sunday. Ranbir says Tuesday. Hritik says we got late and shall take holiday today. Chamchi says we are not that much late, if we get ready and reaches by 8:30 then we will reach there. They hear Rajjo singing song while Beni playing tabla. Ranbir asks her why she didn’t wake her up. Rajjo tells that she was busy practicing singing.

Hritik tells Rajjo that she shall name her Rajesh Mangeshkar. Beni says esh is coming in both names. Hritik says even I have actor in me. Beni says you have ego. Rajjo asks him not to say that. Happu comes there and asks kids why they didn’t get ready. Hritik tells that today mummy didn’t wake them up, as she used to kiss them and wake them up. Happu says he likes Rajjo’s idea of waking up kids like that. Rajjo asks him to help the kids get ready. Happu says ok and goes. Kamlesh comes there and appreciates Rajjo’s singing talent. He says you sings like cuckoo. Rajjo says ok. Kamlesh says bade bhaiyya is playing tabla nicely and thinks to team up with them. Rajjo says ok.

Later Happu comes to Amma and asks what is she doing? Amma says she is doing nothing. Happu asks her to make tea for him. Amma slaps him and asks if he can’t tell his wife. Happu asks her to make tea and breakfast. Amma refuses. Dada ji convinces her. Amma says ok. Dada ji sends Amma to make tea.

Happu comes to the PS. Resham Pal comes there. Happu greets him and tells that he wants to salute him for diverting Rajjo’s attention. Resham Pal tells that dancing didn’t go well and that’s why he asked her to play rummy. Manohar comes there and tells that Madam is caught. They get shocked. Later Rajjo calls Happu and Manohar picks the call and tells that Madam gave him a kiss. Happu takes the call. She thanks him. Happu tells that he will give her bribe after coming home. Rajjo gives him a kiss on phone. Happu laughs and says now he can’t work.

Beni calls Rajjo to do the practicing. Rajjo brings harmonium and sits to practice. Amma says vegetable is burning in kitchen and you are singing here. Rajjo sings and asks Amma to make food. Amma says she can’t make lunch, already she made breakfast. Rajjo sings and asks her to make roti. Beni calls her Kokila…Rajjo sings and plays harmonium. Amma gets tired after cooking in kitchen and says she made rotis. Rajjo asks her to add tadka to dal…Beni appreciates her singing talent. Amma comes out after adding tadka in dal. Rajjo asks her to wash the clothes and says sorry. Amma gets angry.

In the night, Happu comes to have wine in Beni’s house. He tells that Rajjo made halwa and mutton. Beni says it is enjoyable to sing and play music. Happu tells that he will have mutton in his house. Beni appreciates Rajjo’s singing talent. He asks if there is any student of the music teacher. Beni tells that he just taught him. Happu tells that he doesn’t like it.

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