Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd July 2021 Episode starts with Happu getting happy when his baby pee on him. He tells his usual dialogue. He hears flute sound and asks Rajjo if she made the kids playing flute. Rajjo says no and asks have you gone mad? They look out and see the snake lady. Rajjo says she is hot. Happu says yes, but she is a snake lady. He cries. Kamlesh comes to Kat’s room through the window and sees Kat dressed as Naagin. He tries to escape. Kat says she will show him Naagin dance now. Kamlesh gets scared. She says you are my Cobra and I am your Cobri. Kat dances like Naagin, shocking Kamlesh. Malaika comes there and thinks Kamlesh is making her sister dance as Naagin.

She beats him. Kat asks Kamlesh to come to her side and asks why did you beat him? Kamlesh runs away. Malaika says he made you dance like Naagin. Kat runs behind him. Happu asks Naagin to go and she disappears from there. Later snake lady holds his hand. She says she will not leave him. Happu asks Rajjo to save him. They free Happu’s hand and run to Amma, complaining about Naagin. Amma asks who is Naagin here, other than you. Rajjo argues. Amma asks them to feed the Naagin and make her leave. Kamlesh comes there and tells that Naagin was dancing.

He says it is after me, trying to bite me. Rajj asks what are you doing at this time. Ranbir, Hritik and Chamchi come there. hritik says Kamlesh Bhaiyya comes to meet Kat didi daily and they have party. Happu scolds Kamlesh. Kat comes there wearing Naagin costume. All kids, Happu, Rajjo and Amma get shocked. Happu says this is not our Kat, but Naagin. Ranbir asks her to bite Happu. Kat says father, I am Kat. Malaika comes there and scolds them, tells that this is Kat Didi, and acted to be Naagin. Kamlesh asks why? Malaika says she is your best friend and you was calling her Naagin, so she dressed as Naagin. Kamlesh says sorry. Kat says sorry too. Happu, Rajjo and others see Naagin standing outside and dancing. Happu says this is real Naagin and says nobody will stop my photo from hanging.

Later they peep outside the house. Beni comes there to see the Naagin. Amma says we have seen Naagin. Happu’s phone rings. Snake charmer calls him. Happu greets him. Snake Charmer tells that forest dept couldn’t catch Naagin. He says Naagin sworn to destroy your family. Happu asks what to do? Snake Charmer tells that special puja is needed and it will take 1 lakhs rs. Rajjo also hears him. Happu says you are biting more than Naagin. Rajjo agrees and asks him to come to their home and do havan. Snake Charmer says ok. Happu says from where I will get money. Rajjo then shares her doubt with Happu and others, and says why he calls after Naagin is seen. She says she will scare him with real naagin. Later Snake Charmer comes to Happu’s house and does the puja. He then asks for 1 lakh rs. Happu says first I will check.

He looks here and there. The kids keep fake snake to scare snake charmer. Snake charmer checks and says it is local naagin. The kids take out the fake snake from the bushes. The kids shout and tell that they have seen Naagin. Snake Charmer says I have done puja, Naagin can’t come. Rajjo comes there in Naagin avatar. Snake charmer gets shocked. Kamlesh plays the music. Rajjo dances on the song main teri dushman. Snake charmer says this is not Naagin. Amma asks how do you know? Snake Charmer says I am snake charmer so knows that this is not Naagin. Hritik says this is the same Naagin which is shape shifting snake. Rajjo says yes, you said right.

I am Naagin No. 1 and I will take your life today. Happu says Baba ji has many snakes on his side. Rajjo says this imposter Baba has staged fake Naagin drama. The snake charmer hides behind Happu. He says he is mechanical engineer, and acts to be snake charmer due to unemployment. He says he sends his wife to fool people as Naagin. Happu slaps him for fooling him. Snake Charmer asks how did real Naagin came? Rajjo says she is his wife and tells that she defeats with her mind. Malaika beats him. Happu says he likes her. He says he will arrest him and take him to PS. He apologizes to Rajjo and Amma. Rajjo asks him to do Naagin dance in room.

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