Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd September 2022 Episode starts with Kamlesh bringing Happu home and tells Amma that he was drinking along with Beni. Rajjo says this is his values. Amma says I will scold Beni. Happu says it is not my mistake.

Amma says he might have drank it, thinking it is juice. Kamlesh says he was saying cheers. Rajjo says he is walking on your footsteps. Kamlesh says he was having chakna too. Rajjo says I am blessed seeing your values in him.

Happu says he is feeling sleepy. Kamlesh takes him to bathroom. Rajjo taunts Amma. Happu asks Kamlesh to massage him, and he will sleep. Kamlesh scolds him. Happu says kawwa. He sees the kids and asks what are they doing? Ranbir says we were waiting for you, and says you are drinking and gambling at the age of 5 years.

Chamchi says it is talent. Hritik asks will you become our friend. Happu says yes. Ranbir says you are fooling people with your innocence. Happu says he is drinking since he was 2 years old. He says but drinking wine and gambling is wrong. Hritik asks him to do the stunt and asks him to steal from Rajjo.

He says we will know your talent and you will be in our gang. Happu thinks Rajjo didn’t give good values to them. He comes to room and complains to Rajjo, that the kids asked him to steal from her purse.

He says they praised my eating and drinking habits and praised my bad habits. He says his mind is not working and asks what teachings she has taught them. Rajjo asks do you think that I have said this. Happu says he is very worried. Rajjo asks him to steal and give to them. She says I will tell you, what to do then.

Amma cries and tells dada ji that she wants to commit suicide as Happu got them insulted. She says all your bad habits is in him. Dada ji says Happu doesn’t have any bad habits. He asks him to come with her. Amma asks him to leave and says she will set his hair.

Kamlesh falls on the bed and says he is very tired. He says Papa Happu is a spoilt child. Malaika scolds him. Kamlesh says he has bad habits. Kat says I want to talk about father, and asks him to help him leave all those habits. Kamlesh says he has dog’s tail which can’t be straight. Malaika comes to slap him. Kat asks her to move back and asks him to put some good habits in his mind. Kamlesh says he will do. Kat asks him to do it.

Rajjo tells Amma that she has caught him red handed, as he was stealing money from her purse. Malaika gets upset. Kat asks why did he do this? Amma says I will never believe this, and says my son is sanskari.

Rajjo shows the video in which Happu is stealing the money. Amma is shocked and stares at Dada ji. Dada ji says I didn’t train him to steal. Vimlesh says he has burnt Amma’s values. Amma slaps Happu. Rajjo says my kids are good than your son, they don’t steal. Resham Pal comes there and calls Happu.

He says I brought 2 news, one good and one is bad. Rajjo asks him to tell good news. Resham Pal says Happu is getting promoted by Ministry. Amma asks what is bad news? Resham Pal says Dr. Udhas told that Happu lost his memory and became a 5 years old child. He says now I have to give promotion to someone else. Amma tells that Happu was acting on her sayings.

Rajjo says even she asked him to continue the drama. The kids are shocked. Happu says he has done this on their sayings. Rajjo and Amma start praising each other. Amma says sorry to Happu. Rajjo also says sorry. She asks Resham Pal to get his promotion. Resham Pal says ofcourse.

Manohar calls Resham Pal and tells something. Resham Pal says no and tells that your promotion is given to Sharma, as your child act is known to Ministry. He leaves. Happu gets angry on Rajjo and Amma, and asks them to go away from his sight. Amma and Rajjo go inside. Happu stops the kids and asks if they steal? Hritik says no, we were taking your test. Chamchi says I will wake up in the morning and present 101 Rs to God. Happu is upset.

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