Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th June 2022 Episode starts with Amma asking Dada ji to leave and says she don’t want to see his face. Dada ji asks her to leave her anger. Amma says this all happened due to you.

Rajjo says our destiny is bad and we couldn’t think of any way. Happu comes there with Beni and says it seems that this house will be locked. Dada ji repents to have gambled which led to sell her jewellery.

Happu tells Amma that they will get costly item in Museum so shall steal it from there. Amma says stealing. Beni says I will also repay my loan with it. Rajjo asks Happu to steal item worth 50000 to pay her loan.

Amma says even she has loan to pay of Rs 45000. She asks him to go and steal. Happu says I am thinking that you shall try stealing, as nobody will doubt you. Dada ji asks if he is our son to ask you to steal. Amma asks happu, if she made him inspector for this day. She asks him to ask his wife to steal.

Rajjo says she is so beautiful and people will doubt her. Amma asks if I am bad looking. Vimlesh says nobody will catch you. Rajjo asks her to go and steal. Amma says it happens in your mayka, and says they just earn by their hardwork. She says if I refuse to steal. Happu emotionally blackmails Amma.

Rajjo says I agree with your son. Amma says I never steal anything yet, and don’t have experience like bahu. Rajjo says my sarees are missing from almira and asks who worn it and went. She says even sweets get missing from kitchen, if cat eats.

Amma asks Happu to see how his wife is accusing him. Happu asks Amma to agree. Amma says ok, for this house respect. I will steal. Rajjo says you shall steal like you steal in the house. Amma says she started again. Happu asks her to be quiet.

Hritik apologizes to Chamchi. Chamchi says I always supported you, whenever you have done cheating, I informed at home only 2-3 times. Ranbir says I always supported you for wrong doings.

Chamchi says we took Mummy’s signs else you wouldn’t have got pocket money. She says that guy was calling me lizard and you was standing there silently. Hritik says even I was angry. Chamchi says Hritik was scared of that small guy. Hritik asks if he was small. Chamchi says I didn’t know that you will show your back to us. Ranbir says he hears us and then throws out of his ears.

The guy again teases Chamchi calling her lizard. Chamchi says it seems you will be beaten today. The guy calls her lizard. Her brothers come there. They say haddi pahelwan came, and says he is not afraid like her brothers. Hritik gets angry and hits brick on the guy’s head. The guy falls down. Hritik asks him to run from there. Chamchi asks what about that swear. Hritik says I broke it. He says he had beaten him to sace them. Chamchi and Ranbir regret to scold him. They are happy.

Amma comes to the Museum with Happu, Rajjo, Beni and Vimlesh. Amma tells that her hands are shaking up. Beni says if you had drink before coming there, then this wouldn’t have happened. Amma slaps him and asks if I am professional thief. She says I will leave. Rajjo asks her to remember how she steal money from Dada ji’s pocket.

Vimlesh says I have stolen money from Beni, and he was unaware of it. Beni looks surprised. Just then Resham Pal comes there and says hands up. Amma says I didn’t do anything. Resham Pal says you are thinking me wrong. Amma says she will never come in Happu’s talks and will never come to this museum. Vimlesh asks how did you come here? Resham Pal says he came to arrest the manager of the museum.

Kat says this time laptop will work. Kamlesh says lets take the money and leave. Malaika says this work is not right. Kamlesh says you want to hack the bank ATM and now don’t want to do. Kat says we have to do it for father and mother.

Malaika says I don’t agree. Kat says we don’t have any option. Kamlesh says lets go inside, hack it and run away with the money. Malaika says I will not let you do this. Policemen comes there and tells that the ATM is stolen in the morning. Resham Pal’s officer tells that the manager had already sold the cup and was duping people keeping fake cup. Rajjo says that cup was fake. Happu gets angry.

Resham Pal feels proud of Happu. Beni asks him not to come to Museum again. Vimlesh says don’t bring the kids here. Rajjo says take us to theatre to watch film instead. Manohar comes there with resham pal’s trolley bag, and says I recovered your underwears bag from the thieves. Resham Pal gets happy. Manohar asks if he will get promoted.

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