Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th August 2021 Beni meets Happu at a pan shop. Happu says he was waiting for him since long holding play cards. Beni says he really became a gambler. Happu says he just wants him to tell Amma that Happu instead of attending duty is playing cards with pan shop owner. Beni says if he says that, Amma will break his mouth. Happy says he just should not worry and inform Amma what he said. Beni says he knows Amma better than him in getting slaps, he will possibly marry Vimlesh in the future, even then nobody can change Amma. Happu asks him not to drag Vimlesh in between and says Amma will change if she finds out that her son is gambling. Beni walks away that he will continue to take Vimlesh’s name.

At home, Amma hears Rajesh speaking to her friend over phone and informing her that she bought 6 saris today and 4 recently. Rajesh stops seeing Amma. Amma asks how did she get money. Rajesh says from Happu’s pocket. Amma says Happu works hard and she is addicted to waste money. Rajesh says how could she silently watch when her friends are buying saris. Beni walks in and touches Amma’s feet. Rajesh signals Beni. Amma asks Beni if he needs tea powder, sugar or oil. Beni says nothing and he is sad that his friend is addicted to gambling and is gambling with a pan shop owner. Amma warns to not talk rusbbish. He says she can twist the lemons if he lies and make a juice out of it. Amma warns Rajesh not to shop more and accompanies Beni. Happu forces pan shop owner to gamble with him. Somone clicks his pic hiding. Amma walks in and slaps pan shop owner who runs away. Beni asks Happu not to spoil his parent’s name and frightens him that his face will be blackened and he will be wandered on a donkey and his back turned black and blue. Happu asks not to rubbish. Amma requests him to stop his gambling or else he will be addicted. Happu says just like she drinks after every meals for time pass, even he is gambling for time pass and is not addicted. He walks in winking at Beni.

Dadaji sees Dadi sad and asks if she is addicted again. She creates a long suspense and informs that their son is addicted to gambling and she herself saw him gambling with pan shop owner. Dadaji says he was a big gambler. She scolds him and says Happu borrowed 20000 rs from Beni and gambled, what if jhoolti minar commissioner notices him and dismisses him. Dadaji says Happu is habitual gambler like she is a habitual alcoholic. Amma scolds him that instead of giving a suggestion, he is pouring ghee in fire. He says son has gone on mother and she needs to reform if she wants to reform Happu and suggests to change herself first and then Happu or else she won’t be able to twist anyone’s lemons again. She says if not anyone else, she will twist his lemons.

Manohar seeing Happu scratching his hand asks if he is craving for money and offers him 50 rs. Happu returns money and says he is craving for gambling. Manohar asks if he will gamble in police station. He asks if he doesn’t play video game here. Manohar says sorry. Happu says lets have a game. Commissioner Reshampal walks in. Happu greets him and asks reason for coming. Reshampal asks if he needs his permission to come here. Manohar jokes. Reshampal says there is a news in news paper that police is on a mission to impove its image. Manohar suggests they should catch thieves and improve their image more. Reshampal likes his idea. He gets a pic of Happu gambling. Happu says its an old video, he recently caught gamblers and punished them. Manohar says he will not check Happu’s right pocket and will not find cards. Happu shuts him up. Reshampal says if he is found with cards, he will be left with only cards and not job. Manohar jokes.

Kamlesh enters Kat’s room via window. Kat speaks in her usual broken English. Kamlesh in his broken English says whatever people think, they can’t harm him. Their complaint against each other starts. Malaika enters. Kat says Kamlesh is finding fault in her. Malaika says she can make a lost list of Kamlesh’s faults. Kamlesh says he is a good boy. Malaika says Kamlesh is not fit for Kat’s friendship. Kamlesh and Kat’s nok jhok and jokergiri continues. In living room, Amma orders Rajesh to prepare tea for her with lots of sugar. Rajesh says her sugar levels will incerase. Amma scolds her to obey her orders. Rajesh receives her ordered sari. Amma insists to show it. Rajesh hesitantly shows it. Amma scolds that she is addicted to shopping. Rajesh asks when Amma is not addicted to alcohol, how can she get addicted to shopping. She goes to keep her sari in cupboard. Dadaji walks in. Amma complains against Rajesh. Dadaji says when family head is addicted, elders will follow her path. Amma shouts I hate you. He says I love you.


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