Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th August 2021 episode starts with Rajesh seeing Happu’s guilt-laden face and asking Amma what is happening. Amma says Happu escaped from suspension as commissioner red handedly saw him gambling. Ranbir, Hrithik, and Chamchi scold Happu and ask Amma what did she eat when she gave birth to papa. Happu says Amma saved him from commissioner. Amma says she found out that they were acting to stop her alcohol addiction and tells children that she and their papa learnt a lesson and even they should and stop their stealing addiction.

Rajesh says even she will stop shopping and has only one bad habit of fighting with Happu. Hrithik says even papa should develop a good habit of increasing their pocket money as expenses have increased, they will start stealing again if they don’t have money, hence they need pocket money hike. Amma says they are right. Happu says he is targeted at the end always. Amma says let us drink and celebrate. Everyone look at her. She says she means tea and asks Rajesh to prepare tea. Everyone laugh.

Kat in her room dances on Mera Naam Chinchinchu. Kamlesh as usual enters via window and dances with her. Kat then asks him to speak as Malaika in her broken English. He relaxes. She asks if he didn’t bring her bad habit list. He in his broken English says she doesn’t have any bad habit and continues praising her. Kat gets very happy and says she wants to hug him. He gets excited and says Malaika always interferes between them and starts badmouthing about Malaika. Malaika enters and stands silently listening. Kat signals him to stop, but he continues. Malika catches and brutally trashes him as usual and he runs away via window as usual.

Amma returns to her room smiling. Dadaji asks why his kato rani looks happy. She says by god’s grace family dropped their addiction and things are back to normal. Dadaji says she should thank even him as it was his idea. She says mensan not thanku. He says it calls for a celebration. She says just now she is out of addiction and he wants to throw her back into addiction. He says he knows where Happu hide alcohol bottle. She says she doesn’t need it. He says he was testing her and she came first. She says she never came first in her life.

At night, Beni shows empty bottle to Happu and says his life is empty without a wife and he wants a wife who can wait for him when he returns home from office and ask how many thieves did he bail out; he is orphan who doesn’t have any mother, wife or children who can trouble him, Happu is very lucky. Happu says he is there for him and reminds how he used to trash him in childhood and always supported him. Beni says just like he cannot take Rajesh’s place in Happu’s life, Happu cannot take a Vimlesh’s place in his life. Happu consoles him and assures him that he will get him married to Vimlesh soon. Dadaji hearing their conversation thinks people say right that marriage is a touch nut to crack. After sometime, Amma scolds Dadaji for being lazy even as a ghost. Dadaji says she should concentrate on even Beni as he is feeling lonely and was crying that he is an orphan. Amma sipping alcohol emotionally says that she never differentiated between Happu and Beni. Dadaji asks her to get him married to Vimlesh and settle his life then. Amma agrees and says she will speak to Rajesh regarding Happu and Vimlesh’s alliance.

Next morning, Amma scolds Happu for not inform her about Beni’s problem. Rajesh serves her tea. Amma praises her that she wouldn’t have got such a good bahu even if she had searched with a lamp. Happu backs her. Rajesh smells her and says she is not inebriated, then why she is praising her. Amma says she is worried about Beni. Rajesh says Beni takes all the groceries from her kitchen. Amma continues and finally says everyone knows Beni immensely loves Vimlesh and she wants her to fix Beni and Vimlesh’s alliance. Rajesh agrees with a condition that Beni should list his 5 good qualities at least. Amma calls Beni and slapping him asks if he doesn’t consider her as dear one that he doesn’t share his problem with her. He says he does. She says she knows he loves Vimlesh and she wants to fix his alliance with Vimlesh if he lists his 5 good qualities. He says he can drink whole bottle in 1 gulp. Amma and Happu scold him. He says he can touch his nose with his tongue. Amma scold him more. He says he fights most cases in supreme court. Amma gets happy hearing that. Happu says he loses all the cases. Amma continues questioning Beni.


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