Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th December 2019 Episode Start With Rajjo calling Karishma. Karishma asks are you taking rest. Rajjo says the matter has gone beyond her hands and tells that Amma has kept godh bharayi rasam in the evening. Karishma asks her to enjoy and not to take tension. Rajjo says she can’t let the money spend on the function. Karishma says she knows jiju well and tells that he must have arranged the function with bribe money. She asks her to invite her and tells that she will handle everything. Rajjo invites her for the function.

Malaika asks Kat to get ready. Kat tells that she is ready in the costume. Malaika asks if she will come in this costume and tells that Commissioner and others are coming. She asks when is your play? Kat says after 4 days. Malaika gets angry and goes. Kamlesh comes there and greets Kat. Kat asks Kamlesh why you call my mother as your didi. Kamlesh asks her to call her Papa as Sudarshan bhaiyya. He asks if she got it. She says no. Happu comes to Beni and is sad. Beni says I will take some more time. Happu asks him to take the wine and says we will drink together. Beni says it is not evening still. Happu asks shall I come inside. Beni asks him to come. Happu says why shall I happy that the raja is not mine for the sipahi.

Later the function starts. Everyone comes and greets Amma and Rajjo. Commissioner and new commissioner come there. Everyone dances. Happu asks Beni if he doubts someone. Beni asks what? About the gardener. Happu says yes. Beni says I have doubt on you. Happu says I am saying that the baby is not mine and I am not the father. He asks did you see any gardener coming? Beni says such gardeners don’t come by itself and comes on invitation. Karishma sings. Rajjo gets upset. New commissioner tells Old one that Happu acted to be weak, but played the game. Beni asks him to go to Amma and tell her the truth. Happu says how to tell her. Beni asks him to say with the same courage as he confronted him. Happu asks him who will take the responsibility for what happens next. Beni says best of luck.

Happu comes to Amma and asks her to come with him. Amma goes with him. Rajjo also follows them. Happu cries in kitchen. Amma asks what happened? Happu tells that he has nothing to do with the happenings. Amma asks him to say clearly. Happu says my life is ruined. Amma slaps him and asks him to say the truth. Happu says I will say the truth, but you have weak heart. Amma asks him to say clearly. Happu says my ship is drowned. Amma slaps him. Happu says if I tell you then you will get hurt. Amma asks him to come to the topic. Happu says Rajjo is pregnant. Amma says everyone knows.

Happu says I have no hand in Rajjo’s pregnancy. Amma asks what are you saying? She slaps him and asks if you are not involved then who is involved. Happu tells that he is feeling weak since few months and whispers something in her ears. Amma is shocked and tells that she trust her bahu fully. She says Rajjo can’t do anything wrong. Rajjo comes to them and tells that she didn’t break her trust. Amma asks then what is the truth? Rajjo tells that she is actually not pregnant and tells Happu that she didn’t know that he is unwell. She returns bangles to Amma and asks her to give when she gets pregnant in reality. Amma says I will not give again. They come out. Rajjo tries to say something. Happu says I want to say something now and says bird is ready to fly. Rajjo laughs…They dance with the kids. Song plays….Happu holds Rajjo’s hand and takes her to room. In the morning, Happu calls Rajjo and tells that he has brought stuff from the market. He gets romantic and shows her marie light business. Rajjo says it is good and light. Happu tastes it and says it is crispy and crunchy. Rajjo says t is perfect people’s choice. Happu asks her to get ready for evening.

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