Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th May 2021 Episode starts with happu coming to Rajjo. Rajjo says today he is getting romantic. Happu says the good smell got into his lungs and tells that he feels blessed to get her. Rajjo says even she is blessed. Happu says she is the pearl of his life. Rajjo asks if he knows about her friend Mala. Happu says he knows that Mala used to be stuck with her always before the marriage. Rajjo says yes. Happu says she had heard that he had affair with Mala. Happu thinks what to do? He tells that Mala used to be with her, due to him. He says after you used to go from here, I used to sit with her for hours. Rajjo beats him. Happu runs away from there.

Happu comes to beni. Beni asks shall I ask you something? Happu asks him to say? Beni asks what is the probability of my marriage with Bimlesh? Happu asks if he loves Sambhavna now. Beni says you are very drunk? Happu asks you want to know about Bimlesh and your marriage. Beni asks when you will talk about my marriage. Happu says there is no probability of our marriage with her and tells that he has become like uncle now, and if he goes with her then it will be seen as if she is going with her uncle. He says Beni is not in Bimlesh’s mind and asks why will he marry a donkey like you? Beni drinks wine and says you think that I will never marry her and asks what is the percentage? Happu says 100 percent and asks him to believe him. Beni asks are you sure? Happu says yes. Beni throws the glass and goes away from there.

Happu comes home and asks why everyone is sitting sadly. Kat says this is happening as truth is coming out from your mouth. Chamchi says if this truth rain continues then we will drown and die. Happu asks what to do, your Dadi made me take this swear? Amma says I want to say? Happu asks what she wants to say and asks him not to distract from the way which she showed him. Amma smiles. Happu swears that he will not end the promise until his last breath. Amma says my raja beta. Happu says he feels blessed to be born to her and says your son will be the epitome of truth and asks her to see where he sends her. Amma slaps him. She declares that he will not say truth from now onwards and says she is taking back swear from him. Happu asks really and tells that he is feeling relieved. Ranbir asks him to make Principal understand today. Happu says see my power tomorrow, principal will take you on palanquin. Rajjo asks him to come to room. Happu gets tensed.

Later he goes to room and sees Rajjo crying. He thinks Mala’s matter got serious. He thinks Mala got stuck in his neck after 20-25 years of marriage. He asks how are you? Rajjo gets angry. Happu asks her not to shed tears. Rajjo says you had an affair with Mala before marriage. Happu asks her to think college days and tells her story. He says college people thought wrongly. Rajjo asks if he is saying truth. Happu says really and asks her to sleep.

Kamlesh comes to Kat’s room and finds her crying and telling that he is donkey etc. KLamlesh asks why she is not having tears. Kat tells that her make up will go away and that’s why she is crying tearless. She reminds him of the swear and asks who is more beautiful Sonia or me. Kamlesh praises Sonia and insults Kat. Kat cries more. Kamlesh asks her not to cry and says you wanted to listen to truth. Malaika comes there and slaps Kamlesh for making Kat crying. Kamlesh goes. Malaika asks Kat not to cry more and asks if she will get mad due to him.

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