Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Updates

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Happu telling his father that he knows that he is here, near him. He says you can see my condition, since I am married, I am grounded between mother and wife. Dada ji says even I was, all men condition is same. Happu requests him not to tell anything to Amma, says he is feeling bad to steal in his own house. Dada ji says I can’t hide anything from her. Happu says I am giving promise to you, don’t tell her else raita will be splashed. He goes out and collides with Kamlesh. Dada ji says you doesn’t know about your Amma. She looks innocent, but is very clever. Kamlesh shouts thief. Happu keeps hand on his mouth and says I am here. Kamlesh says if Kat or anyone come to know about you then. Happu asks Kamlesh to tell how much he will take? Kamlesh says 2 lakhs. Happu says I will give you 20 Rs in the morning and asks him to say ok. Kamlesh says done. Happu asks him not to let any other thief go. Kamlesh says ok and continues to guard the house.

In the morning, Rajjo wakes up the kids and asks them to take bath and drink milk. Ranbir says who takes bath on holiday. Hritik jokes. Chamchi says she will tell Dadi. Happu comes home and calls Rajjo. Kamlesh asks him to get his clothes washed. Happu asks him to be silent and remember 20 Rs. Malaika asks why your eyes are swollen. Happu says he has done work all night in Police station. He gives necklace to Rajjo and asks her to see it. Rajjo checks it. Amma says it is similar to my necklace. Happu says it is some what different. Chamchi says it is same. Kat says dal is black. Amma says she will bring her necklace and check. Rajjo asks happu to make her wear it. Happu makes her wear it. Amma checks her necklace and finds it missing. She runs out shouting. Happu asks her to check and says you must have kept it some where else. They ask Kamlesh if any thief came. Kamlesh says no.

Amma tells that the necklace which Rajjo is wearing is her necklace. Happu says this is different. Chamchi is this is same. Hritik says it is not the same necklace. Happu tells that he will catch the thief and asks Kamlesh to agree to his sayings. He whispers to him asking not to tell anything and slaps him. Rajjo asks happu to come inside the room. Happu goes inside the room and gets happy seeing Rajjo locking the door. Rajjo asks if it is stolen from Amma. Happu says he had stolen this for her and says the Inspector became thief in her love. He says he had stolen it from a tigress’ neck and asks her to smile. Rajjo smiles. Happu asks her not to wear it for few days and asks her to wear it later. Rajjo says I can’t do this. I will wear it. happu says you are my Raja beta. Rajjo asks her to see her heart and says she is jealous. Happu says if Amma comes to know then she will beat me and squeezes my lemon. He asks her to agree and praises her. Rajjo agrees and thinks to make Amma jealous a bit.

Chamchi cries sitting with doll and asks Malaika to get her doll married. She then gets her doll married to the other doll and chants the mantras. Kat tells Happu that Kamlesh is doing so much hardwork. Happu says he does work when we ask him to do. Kat praises Kamlesh. Kamlesh says water is not coming from inside, pipe is empty. Hritik moves his foot from the pipe and the water gets splashed on Kamlesh’s face. Hritik and the kids laugh. Kamlesh asks Happu to see his kids.

Amma tells that what Rajjo might be making in breakfast. Chamchi says she is feeling hungry. Rajjo comes out holding the paratha box. Everyone sees her wearing necklace. Tune maari entriyan plays…..Hritik praises Rajjo and says necklace is looking good now. Kat says today you are looking red stick standing in hall. Happu asks Chamchi about her studies. Rajjo asks Amma if she wants to have more paratha. Amma says first let me eat. Rajjo coughs…and makes Amma notice her necklace. Happu whispers to Rajjo what he said. Rajjo says today she wants to celebrate and is happy. She says she wants to dance and asks Ranbir to sing shastri (classical) music and says she will dance.

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