Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th September 2020 Episode starts with Rajjo wearing the footwear and liking it. Happu comes to room and asks why is she smiling today. Rajjo says she can’t believe that she is wearing such a good chappal, feeling like a queen. Happu says you threaten your mum in law also. Rajjo says I will fight with you after 2 months, as my mood is very good today. She asks what is the matter? Happu tells that this sandals are not suiting you. Rajjo asks if he wants to give it to Amma. Happu says no and says what people will say that you are wearing such footwear.

Rajjo says she likes it very much. Happu takes the sandals from her feet and tells that it doesn’t suit 9 kids mother. Rajjo cries and tells that she will not give. Happu sits on bed and thinks if I didn’t return this slipper then Commissioner Saheb send me home. Kamlesh comes home. Kat asks what is in his hand? She says she wants the gift fast. Kamlesh opens the bag and shows the gift. Kat opens it and finds a green bottle. He says you said that you like it. Kat asks when? Kamlesh says I understood when you signed me. Kat cries and says I asked for perfume and not phenyl. She says who applies phenyl to clothes and asks him to leave. She cries. Kat says I will get new gift tomorrow. Kamlesh says he will bring tomorrow and says sorry. Malaika asks why my sister is crying? Kat complains to her about him. Malaika says who brings phenyl in anniversary. Kamlesh says I will bring tomorrow and asks Kat to use phenyl today. Kat cries. Malaika beats him.

Happu tells Beni that he does wrong to save money. Beni says atleast you saved money and tells that he has earned 6000 Rs, added 2000 Rs more and bought saree. Happu asks for whom and asks him to send it to Vimlesh. He tells him about Rajjo demanding footwear and he fulfilling his wish. He asks him to give an idea to him. Beni asks him to steal the footwear in night and makes an excuse in morning. Happu says how? Beni says only if you hide your face and chest then nobody will identify you, not even dog. Happu asks really. Later Happu comes to the room secretly, later in the night and searches for the footwear. Rajjo is sleeping on the bed. Happu finds her slippers on the bed, in her hand and tries to get it, but Rajjo is holding it tightly. Happu exchanges the chappal and is going out, when Kat catches him and beats him. Happu runs out of the house. Everyone comes there and ask what happened? Kat tells that thief tried to steal mother’s chappal and ran away. Malaika asks where is Bapu? Happu comes there and feels pain in walking. He tells that he went out to walk, when few men beaten him. Rajjo takes him to room.

Resham Pal comes to Police station and asks him about the footwear. Happu tells that thief said that he didn’t steal. He asks Resham Pal to ask Minister to get a good footwear for his wife. Resham Pal says if I tell this to Minister then you will be transferred to such a place where even the goons are afraid to go. He gives him time till evening to get the sandal or new job.

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