Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st August 2021 Rajesh waits for Happu and thinks if he felt bad with her behavior. She further she will say sorry and kiss him once he comes and reconcile with. Happu walks in heavily inebriated and falls on bed. She says sorry and says she will kiss him if he wants. He says why did she leave him and run away abroad. she says she had gone to next city with him. He says his wife doesn’t understand him like she does, he wants to get lost in her brown eyes.

Rajesh realizes he is talking about some other woman. Next morning, Rajesh prepares food murmuring that her life has become hell. Amma walks in. Rajesh complains that Happu is having an affair with another woman and was talking romantically whole night in sleep. Amma says she trusts her upbringing and is sure Happu cannot do this, though his father was a bit flirty due his mother’s lenience; men blabber at night is common. Rajesh says he was taking some other woman’s name which she couldn’t hear properly. Amma says its impossible. Rajesh walks away angrily.

Kamlesh walks to Kat and tries to speak to her in broken English. Malaika warns him to stay away from her sister. Kat asks how is his new stepmother. Kamlesh says he cannot understand her as she offered him aloo parantha the other day and once his father left, she snatched it back. Kat feels bad for him and says at least his father is supporting him. He says his father has gone mad behind his new wife and gone more young. Kat says she feels really bad for him. Kamlesh says he will go and check his young father. Kat thinks at least her father doesn’t have anothe woman in his life like Sudarshan uncle.

Amma takes Rajesh for shopping to cheer her up. They see Happu walking in market suspiciously and follow him. Happu gets into a house. Rajesh says this must be his girlfriend’s house. Amma doesn’t believe her. Happu sings Tumne pukar to hum chale aye.. song for his girlfriend Rusa and starts praising her beauty, says he couldn’t sleep whole night remembering her, soon he will leave his troubling wife and children and walk to her forever. Rusa asks what about his mother. He says her mother has costly addictions and will leave the world soon. Amma and Rajesh start crying hearing that. Happu asks what about the biggest hurdle in their lives, Rusa’s jijaji/BIL commissioner Reshampal from their lives. Rusa says soon she will get rid him off their lives.

Amma and Rajesh meet Reshampal and complain that Happu is having an affair with another girl. Reshampal says they need to confront the girl to stop seeing Happu. They reveal she is his saali/SIL Rusa. He says she didn’t fall for him and fell for Happu instead and defends her. They both warn him if he doesn’t support them, they will ruin Rusa’s life and he can’t do anything. He thinks his in-laws are very dangerous. They both return home. Children noticing Rajesh crying ask reason. Amma sends them away. Beni walks in. Amma slaps him and informs him about Happu’s heinous act. He says he really didn’t know about it, but Happu was indirectly suggesting even him to have an affair with someone. Amma says they need to get Happu back on track before he totally goes out of control , calls children and asks them to study well and not trouble their father more or else he may run away from home. Children say they know papa is having an affair. Drama continues…


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