Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st May 2021 Episode starts with Happu and Manohar coming to a hotel. Manohar says it is a wonderful hotel. Happu says I used to come here often. Manohar asks whenever you go missing, if you come here. Happu says we have come here for a mission and asks him not to do any drama. Manohar says I will get the sandwich massage. Happu says we have come to protect the dancer and shows photo to Manohar. Manohar stares at her pic and says he will guard Haseena bechain and will leave his job too, to guard her. Happu asks then who will guard your wife and scolds him. He sees a guy coming there and says he seems to be the manager of the hotel. Manohar says he is waiter. The guy comes to them and says he is the manager of the hotel.

Happu asks about the club in his hotel. Manager tells that he has many clubs in his hotel and asks if he is interested. Happu asks him to tell if there is any dancer named Haseena Bechain in his club. Manager says Haseena Bechain will be in our retro club. Manohar runs inside hearing about her. Happu runs behind him. They wait for her. Happu says we were waiting for her since 6 hours. Manohar says she made you restless. Happu asks who ran first when Manager spoke about her and scolds him. Haseena Bechain comes to Happu and introduces herself. She says her life is in danger. Happu says your life is not in danger now. Manohar introduces himself. Happu says nobody can dare to harm you. She doubts that he can’t guard her. Manohar laughs.

Happu asks him not to demotivate him as he came to protect her. She says you are looking like bhakshak and then says sorry. Happu says the matter is serious and says you are the eye witness of the jeweller’s murder. He says I will be with you until you give the statement. She says then you will leave me. Happu says then my duty will be over and I will go for another mission. Manohar asks if she wants then can do her duty. Happu scolds and sends him out. She tells him something. Happu assures to guard her and says he will eat food first, before she eats. Amma and Rajjo come there in the car. Manohar is going out and sees Amma and Rajjo outside the hotel. Amma tells Rajjo that she is doing a big mistake by doubting Happu. Rajjo says she heard him coming here with some girl. Amma calls Manager as waiter. Manager says he is Manager. Amma asks if he saw her Inspector Happu Singh, her son. Manohar runs inside. Haseena bechain tells that she is habitual to sleep here.

Manohar comes there and tells that Rajjo and Amma came here angrily and think that you are enjoying with a girl here. Haseena says this hotel is mine, if anyone does wrong here, then I will get them thrown in the crocodile pool. Happu asks her not to do this and give him some place to hide. Rajjo shows Happu’s pic to Manager. Manager says he came with his son to enjoy. Rajjo scolds him. Manager says there is injustice happening to her. He swears that he just wants two kids. Rajjo asks him to tell where is her husband? Manager says this guy came to meet the dancer and has an affair with her. Rajjo asks if he is sure? Manager says trust me. Rajjo takes her phone and gets upset. Haseena asks Happu to hide. They both hide behind the bar. Golmaal song plays. Amam says Manager lied. Rajjo searches him moving the chairs. Amma says you are saying as if my son is a rat and hiding somewhere. Rajjo says yes. Amma says I am sure and trust my son. Rajjo tells that kalavati used to say that Pita ji used to flirt with her.

Amma blames Kalavati for trying to romance with her husband. Rajjo says I can trust Pita ji once, but can’t trust my husband. Haseena tells Happu that your wife doesn’t trust you and you shall take advantage of this situation. Rajjo and Amma come back. Rajjo says your son can’t take advantage of my feelings. Amma asks her not to worry. She says I will scold him if he does something wrong. Amma says he might be in some room and asks her to search in every room. Rajjo says it is a big hotel. She says he will come out of room and then we will catch him. Haseena says your wife will catch you red handed. Happu says you are saying as if I am romancing with you. She asks why are you scared then? Happu says no, tells that if he meets his wife, then will romance with her and then can’t guard her. He asks her to hide him at safest place. They come out of hideout.

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