Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th November 2021 Episode starts with Dr. Udhas asking Vimlesh to show her cards. Vimlesh says I have lost all the money. Beni is shocked. Rajjo says Vimlesh is a big gambler and will get all the money. Dr. Udhas asks Vimlesh to sell Beni’s kidneys. Vimlesh asks really? Dr. Udhas asks her to bet her husband.

Beni says I don’t have 5 wives etc. Vimlesh says I will keep my husband on bet. Dr. Udhas asks Vimlesh to sign on the stamp papers. Beni asks if he is doctor or lawyer, and says he don’t have pen. Dr. Udhas gives her pen. Vimlesh signs. Beni asks Udhas to show the cards. Udhas wins. Manohar whistles.

Dada ji sings song for Amma. Amma asks what happened to him? Dada ji asks why there is glow on her face. Amma says ghuya. Dada ji asks why is she getting irritated. Amma says your son is 10 times more worse than you. She tells Dada ji that Happu will learn a lesson, I have planned everything. Manohar asks Rajjo to save her soldiers. Rajjo says she don’t have money. Happy says Manohar is our kid.

Manohar refuses to give them money. Rajjo says she is left with no money. Manohar asks Rajjo to place Happu on bet. Rajjo says ok, I will keep him on the bet, if I win, then I will get Happu and then you have to leave Beni too. Manohar says ok. Dada ji says you are good, don’t know when you take revenge from me.

Amma says you don’t remember my love. Dada ji says you always play band of men. Amma says I am not that saas who don’t support her bahu. She drinks. Rajjo asks Manohar to show. Manohar shows the cards. Rajjo loses Happu in gambling too. Manohar says I have won, now Happu Sir has become my slave. Happu is shocked.

Amma cries and says my bahu made my son slaved. Rajjo says I did a big mistake. Amma says you took him lightly. She says if it will be good that Inspector Happu will work under Constable.

Happu asks Amma not to worry. Amma asks him to open his eyes, and says your wife has lost you in gambling, asks him to think that Manohar will trouble him a lot. Happu says Manohar respects me a lot, like his elder brother. Amma says but what about Beni. He says Dr. Udhas will treat him like a slave.

Beni says he is like my friend. Dr. Udhas and Manohar come there. Manohar misbehaves with Happu and asks him to go to PS. He says I will make you my slave. Happu asks if he don’t feel ashamed. Manohar asks him to read the papers. Udhas asks Beni to come to his clinic and says work is pending for you. Beni asks what I will do? Udhas asks him to talk with manners being his slave, else he will take out his kidney and sell it. beni reads the papers and says we have become slaves for reality.

Kat says father and Beni uncle are like hippo and are useless creatures, who eat and sit. Manohar says they are now our slaves. Amma asks Manohar to leave them and apologize to him. Manohar says I will beat your son much and asks him to change his clothes. Dr. Udhas asks him to come to clinic. Beni says he will change and come. Happu goes to change.

They go to change. Manohar apologizes to Amma for misbehaving with her. Amma says it is my plan and asks him to sit beside her. Rajjo says they were shocked. Happu and Beni come there. Manohar asks them to come. Amma cries as they leave.

Manohar makes Happu wash the clothes in the PS. Happu asks for samosa. Manohar asks him to dry the clothes. At Dr. Udhas’s clinic, a patient’s father asks Dr. Udhas to remove the fear of the son. Dr. Udhas looks at Beni. Boy asks who is he? Dr. Udhas says there is no identity of dead person, you can compare him to bull whom some people left here. He says I will demonstrate the injection on him. Beni gets afraid and laughs. Dr. Udhas gives him injection. The boy laughs. Beni faints.

Manohar asks Happu to polish all the shoes. Happu says so many shoes? Manohar says it is of all my relatives. Happu says I gave you so much love and adulation. Manohar says you have insulted me, as you sow, so you reap. He asks him to polish the shoes silently. Resham Pal comes there and asks what is happening here? Happu says I am polishing the shoes. Resham Pal says you have to clean the criminals, not the dust on the shoes. Manohar says Happu is not telling you clearly.

Resham Pal asks what is the way to talk, badmouths about Happu and says you shall respect him as he is your senior. Manohar says he is now my slave. He says Happu made me get habitual to gambling. He says Rajjo Bhabhi lost him in gambling and since then, I am making him do my service. Happu asks Resham Pal, did you see. Resham Pal and Manohar sing song. Resham Pal asks him to polish his shoes as well, and come to his house and takes his laundry clothes. He asks him to massage him in the evening.

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