Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th September 2020 Episode starts with Happu coming to Beni’s house. Beni gets angry on him for telling wrong things to Rajjo. Happu says I will do sits ups, but listen to me. Beni tells that you have broken the bridge of my love which I made all these years with Vimlesh. He says you are bad news in my life. I will take so many years to get back to Vimlesh. Happu says I got scared when Mangal kissed me. Beni asks him to tell Rajjo about Mangal and calls him not a man. Happu says how to tell Rajjo, I will feel insulted. He promises that he will get him married to Vimlesh. Beni keeps hand on his back. Happu asks what happened? Beni tells that he couldn’t sleep all night, was trying to call Vimlesh, but she didn’t speak to him. Happu says he will massage him and asks him to lie down on the bed. Beni lies down while Happu is about to massage him, when Rajjo comes there and misunderstands the situation. She asks Nitu/Happu what is she doing here? Happu/Nitu tells that he was going from here, when he called her and asks her to massage his back. Rajjo asks beni, didn’t you feel shame. Beni asks her to see from her eyes. Rajjo calls Vimlesh and asks her to stop dreaming about Beni and forget about marrying him. She asks her to get married to a nice guy there itself. Happu says you did right didi. Rajjo takes him/her with her. Beni gets tensed.

Happu sees Kamlesh on the road and stops him. Kamlesh asks what are you doing on the road. Happu says I need your help and have to protect me from the goon. Kamlesh says I stay far from goons. Happu asks will you not protect me for Rakhi. Kamlesh say when did you tie rakhi to me. Happu asks him to first protect her and asks him to tell the goon that she is his girlfriend. Mangal comes there. Happu asks Kamlesh to say, holding her/his waist. Kamlesh says she is my girlfriend and we are destined to be together for births. Kat sees everything and gets shocked. Mangal beats up Kamlesh badly and asks him to say that Nitu is his Dadi. Kamlesh says she is my Didi.

He runs away. Mangal comes to Nitu/happu. He asks him to see the crow, diverts his attention and runs inside. Kat asks Rajjo if she don’t think that this lady is different. Amma says she is fine. Kat says yesterday she saw something and tells that Nitu didi was singing Ilu Ilu and made Kamlesh say I love you Nitu. She says then some goon came and beaten up Kamlesh. Rajjo says Kat is right and tells that she saw her in Beni’s house also. Amma says she didn’t call or message her family. She says we shall throw her out. Kat says she has all Kanpur romeos behind her. Rajjo asks Nitu if something happened last night. Happu tells that she sleeps after a tiring day. Rajjo asks didn’t you hear some noise? Happu says no. Amma says we shall make her do dangal with Mangal, let him come. Happu thinks Mangal is mad about me. Rajjo comes there and asks Nitu if she told her family about her marriage plans. Happu/Nitu says there is no telephone or telegram there. She tells that she is married and will get arrested by the police. Rajjo tells that Police will not catch her and tells that Mangal is a nice person, and will give his name to your children. Happu cries and says she don’t want to marry. Rajjo says Amma has given a word to Mangal. Happu says I will think and cries saying Mangal.

Kamlesh comes to the college and sits in the cafeteria bench. Kat ignores him and goes to sit at other bench. Kamlesh comes to Kat and asks why are you ignoring me. Kat moves to other table. Kamlesh asks why you are doing this? Kat asks him to go and tells that Nitu didi is girlfriend for you. Kamlesh says this was totally wrong. Kat says I have watched with my eyes. Kamlesh says you had watched half. Kat says you have made my Servant as your girlfriend. Kamlesh says she is my Nitu Didi. He says Nitu didi told that he is like her brother and asked him to save her from Mangal Singh. Kat says why did you make her your sister, when you had many cousins. Kamlesh tells that she made him emotional. Kat cries. Kamlesh asks are you feeling jealous? Kat says go and make many girlfriends, IDC….I don’t care. Kamlesh says ILU…Kat says I know what it means, I love you. Kamlesh says as a friend. Kat laughs.

Beni comes to meet Amma and sees her praying to God about Happu. Beni says I am like your son and asks her to pray for him. Amma asks what do you want? Hritik says if you don’t know. Amma says yes and tells that you will soon marry Vimlesh. Beni asks her to tell Shri Ram and Hanuman ji to fulfill his wish. Amma asks him to note down the time and tells that on 7th September, Shri Ram ji is coming to give darshan to his supreme devotee hanuman at AndTV. Beni says I need God’s blessings. They say Jai Shri Ram….

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