Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th July 2021 Episode starts with Happu asking his kids about their studies. Chamchi and Hritik tell about others. Happu says he is asking about their studies. Hritik says good. Rajjo says let them finish the breakfast fast. Amma asks why are you pressurizing the kids. Happu says I can catch them now itself and tells that if they work hard now, then they will be good in future. Rajjo gets a call from Dhoomar that he was caught by the Police for having fake certificate. She asks Happu to go there and get him freed. Happu refuses and says I will not do anything wrong. He says the guy having fake certificate is getting successful and the guy who works hard is behind, that’s why country is getting weak. Hritik says I will work hard now. Amma tells Rajjo that Happu has good values, if your family had given good values to your brother then he wouldn’t have been in lock up and goes. Rajjo gets upset and taunts Happu before going.

Happu hears Kamlesh telling on phone that he is going to watch film with Kat and the exam will be bunk. He tells that he can fool Chomulal Happu Singh. Happu slaps him and asks him not to be seen again. Kamlesh goes. Beni comes there and says Chomulal. Happu asks him to call him by his name. Beni asks how is he? He tells about his bad dream in which he saw Happu losing his job and getting his condition bad. Happu asks him to go home and see good dream, that he became Commissioner etc. Beni says morning dream is not wrong. Happu asks him to sleep in the afternoon.

Rajjo’s friend comes to meet her. Rajjo tells her that her jija is troubling her. She tells that Happu refused to bail out Dhoomar. Her friend tells that Jija ji is slipping off from her hand and tells that it is dangerous. Rajjo asks really, I didn’t know. Her friend asks her to do something. Rajjo says I have to do something, she calls herself Menka and Happu as Vishvamitra.

Manohar asks Happu to get fake certificate. Happu checks the certificates and says it is fake. Manohar taunts him and insists to see his degree. Happu says my degree was burnt when fire was lighted in the house. Resham Pal comes there and insists to see Happu’s degree. Manohar says he wants to see which college has passed him. Happu says Hritik had burnt the cracker, and it fell on the almari and my degrees etc was burnt. Resham Pal says I can’t believe you, but there is a solution, you have to give the test. He says he will ask him easy questions. Happu refuses. Resham Pal says you have to give test.

Dada ji comes to Amma and sings song. Amma asks what did he get there? Dada ji calls her urvashi. Amma says now she understood why he has brightness on his face and says if he takes Urvashi’s name again then she will and threatens him…Dada ji says I am going and says you will repent. Amma says urvashi will repent. Happu comes home and sits. Amma asks what happened? Happu says injustice have happened with me in the PS. Chamchi says if he didn’t get bribe. Happu says he was accused of having fake certificate. Rajjo says I was doubtful that your certificates was fake. Happu says when my family don’t believe me then. Malaika and Kat tell that they are ashamed of him. Happu says hritik got my certificates burnt. Rajjo instigates Amma to throw Happu out. Amma asks happu to get out. His own kids throw him out. It turns out to be Happu’s dream and he wakes up asking not to throw him out. He thinks it was a dream, thinks he shall study else his life will be in danger.

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