Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th October 2020Episode starts with Happu coming to Amma and telling that the footwear is inauspicious and says you said right. I asked Rajjo to throw it, as it is showing negative effect. Amma asks why did you bring it? Amma says I asked you not to keep her on the head. Happu says I am feeling bad not to bring sandals for you. Amma gets happy. Happu asks Amma to throw the footwear. Amma asks what do you mean? Happu asks her to steal footwear from her and throw it.

Amma slaps him and says I will not steal in this age and snatch happiness from bahu. She asks him to go. Rajjo is talking to her friend and tells that she wants to show her something. Happu comes there and asks whom you are inviting? Rajjo says called Babita here with my other friends. Happu asks if she wants to show off. Rajjo tells that she was insulted in the party, so wants to show her footwear to everyone. Happu says Amma will feel bad. Rajjo says I have young age and will do fashion, she shall be happy with our happiness. Why is she doing competition. She asks him to sleep, tells that she will come after closing the door. Happu says his wife is restless.

Next day, Happu comes home and sees Resham Pal’s wife among Rajjo’s friends. He gets shocked. Resham Pal’s wife likes her sandals. Babita and others like her sandal. Rajjo says Happu brought it for 5000 Rs. Resham Pal’s wife asks if Happu brought it. Rajjo says yes and praises her husband. Happu asks Rajjo to make everyone eat and let them go. Rajjo says dinner was an excuse, she called them to make them jealous. Resham Pal comes there shocking Happu. He says you are here sir? Resham Pal tells that he had brought his wife. Happu asks Rajjo to go inside and make tea. Resham Pal asks why did she throw the party? Rajjo is about to show the sandal, but Happu sends her inside. Resham Pal looks at Rajjo’s sandal and asks him to tell from where he brought it. Resham Pal’s wife asks from where did he bring it? Happu says it is Maru footwear shop footwear. Resham Pal tells that he will tell him and tells that it is imported sandal and tells that it was brought by our Neta ji for his wife, which got stolen from outside the temple 3 days back. Amma and Rajjo are shocked.

Resham Pal shows the sandal pic and says I was thinking how he get it here. Happu tells that he was searching footwear for Rajjo, when Manohar brought the thief who had stolen this footwear. He says he seized the footwear and brought it here. Resham Pal says he will demote him. His wife says once he brought stolen saree for me. Resham Pal says it was not of Neta ji’s wife and asks Happu to come tomorrow to Police station in constable uniform. He is about to go with his wife. Amma asks him not to demote him and pleads infront of him, not to do his demotion. She says if Happu becomes constable then I will die. Resham Pal says I have to answer Neta ji. Amma says you give this chappal to Neta ji and tell him that you have caught the thief. His wife asks Resham Pal to forgive Happu. Resham Pal says I am forgiving him on your sayings, but Happu has to do night duty till 15 days. Amma slaps Happu and says he will do. Babita and other friends leave. Rajjo gets upset with Happu.

Later in the night, Rajjo gets sad. Happu comes and apologizes to her. Rajjo says I had worn stolen footwear. Happu does sits ups. Rajjo says Amma joked on me and says you have cut my nose. Amma comes there and tells that she brought something for herself. She asks her, how is it? Rajjo says it is good. Amma says she bought it for 2000 Rs. Happu asks why you are adding ghee to the fire. Amma asks him not to interfere between saas and bahu. Amma shows another footwear and says she brought it for her. Rajjo gets happy and says I want to hug you. Amma hugs her. Happu looks at Amma’s slippers.

Next day, Amma asks Chamchi about the paratha. Chamchi says it is good. Amma says I will make you have gobi ka paratha. Hritik says if you enter kitchen or not. Rajjo scolds him. Amma says he is taunting me in your language. Happu comes there and sits. Malaika says Mummy and Dadi are arguing again. Happu asks Amma to think good. Amma slaps him. The school Principal comes there. Kids wish him good morning. Principal came to complain about kids.

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