Harphool Mohini 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 11th July 2022 The girl comes in. She sits on a chair in front of Mohini. Mohini is confused. Shalini welcomes her and offers her a juice. She says why didn’t you invite me? The bride didn’t stand even when I am here? She sees Mohini’s face. Mohini says namaste divyani.

The woman says no one takes jiji’s name. Duvyani dances and mocks Mohini’s complexion. Mohini is confused. She takes off her ghunghat and stands to her. Mohini sings back and says I brought new color and mindset to this village.

White people are the ones who snatched India from us what’s the obsessions with fair complexion. Divyani mocks her, the women laugh at her. Mohini keeps singing back. Divyani says now I’ve to meet this madrasan.

Mohini says I am Malyai. She says they’re the same. Mohini draws a map and says this is Haryana, this is Madras, its name changed to Chennai but you might not have knowledge. And this is Kerala where I am from, don’t forget.

Mai comes in and claps. She says how can anything be done with peace when Shalini is in charge. She says Balwant’s DIL is here so I thought Mohini might need me. But I was wrong. Mohini is enough to shut up all of you. She is educated and might teach you something. The plumbers bring toilets into the house. Women are shocked there will be a washroom in their house.

Scene 2
Harphoul says to his friends I will never let that Balwant take our land. His friend says don’t worry.
Mai gets a washroom constructed in the house. Do the women mock there will be a washroom and kitchen in the same yard?

Divyani says why was she so special that you and Harphoul had to accept her condition? Mohini says this is a women’s right. Women take care of everyone How will they take care of their family when they’re catching a disease?

Using a public loo gets you a lot of infections. Having a clean and private washroom is every woman’s right. It was my right to ask for it. It will give me privacy. Divyani says what? Mohini says let me teach you the third thing. Privacy, your alone time. Women and men need both. Divyani says are you from America or Madras?

Mohini says Kerala. Divyani says because of her women will start wearing short skirts here. Mai says you also have a washroom in your house, are you wearing skirts? Divyai says you’re old I won’t say anything to you. Divyani says my flowers are dead seeing her face. Most women leave with Divyani.

Mohini says whoever needs information to make a washroom in their house, can ask me. Mai says to Mohini don’t worry. People talk all the time. We will do what we want. Harphoul comes to his land. He celebrates with his friends. He sees Balwant’s board there. Harphoul says I will kill him. He throws the poster out. Harphoul picks up the poster and drags it in the streets.

Scene 3
Mohini returns Mai’s dupatta to her. She says it’s special to you. Mai says you are also special to me. You can keep it. Shalini is angry. She says she never gave anything to me. Santoh comes. He tells Mai everything. Mai says I won’t leave Balwant. She says to Mohini I am going out. I will be back. Mohini wonders why is Mai so worried.

Harphoul comes to Balwant’s house and throws the poster there. Balwant says you have gotten braver after the wedding. You’re just like your dad. Both never looked like Chaudharys. Harphoul says the real Chaudhary’s are brave.

Your face on this board was dragged on the mud in the street and I did it. Balwant says how dare you. Harphoul says how dare you to put your poster here. I won over your condition too. Balwant picks a stick to hit him. Mai cuts it. Mohini thinks mai and Harphoul are hiding something.


Harphool Mohini 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant says to Harphoul, that many accidents take place in this village, what if Mohini meets with one and doesn’t survive. Harphoul throws a stone at him.


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