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Harphool Mohini 12th July 2022 Mai says I will kill you if you touch my sons. Balwant says what else do you expect from a mother with 2 disabled sons. One with leg and the other with the mind. Mai says Haprhoul has defeated you already.

You have stooped too low. Have some shame. Are you even a human? Balwant says to Shardha she abusing your husband, won’t you do anything? Say something, sit on this chair. Haprhoul says have some shame.

She’s your wife. Mohini wonders what is going on. She writes in the diary she’s scared of Harphoul’s anger. Balwant says I have a suggestion for you, don’t stand in front of an enemy who is very tall. He sits on his chair.

He says prove that I did everything against your DIL. What happened? Don’t have proof? Shardha didn’t give you proof? Will she? He laughs. Mai says people who are silent aren’t weak. Balwant says I can throw her in front of dogs.

Haprhoul gets angry. Mai stops him. Balwant says to keep your Mohini safe. Who knows any accident can happen. Haprhoul throws a knife toward him.

Mohini says where have they gone? Harphoul says don’t dare to take my wife’s name again. My family is my life. I know how to protect them at all costs. Balwant says I will see what can you do. Harphoul is about to hit him.

Everyone stops him. Santoh takes Harphoul out. Mai says don’t you dare to even look at my family I will take your eyes out. They leave.

Scene 2
Mai is angry. She asks Harphoul to calm down. Santoh says he said I am useless. She says he can say anything. He says why didn’t you defend me like you were defending that girl? She says you are in this condition because of your own stupidity. Harphoul says it’s our problem with Balwant, I won’t let any harm come to that girl for it.

Mohini sees Harphoul’s kurta with blood. She saw a drop. Santoh says to me why don’t you tell her the truth? She says she just came here. Harphoul says we have to be careful. Mai says Mohini is alone.

Balwant asks Bali to keep an eye on Mohini. He wants all information related to her. Santoh says I have put on a new lock. Shalini tells Balwant. She says they are all very scared. They are locking the doors. He says just open the locks. Mai recalls what Balwant said. She says I won’t let him harm Mohini.

Mohini comes. She asks mai what happened? She says my knee hurts. Mohini wipes her tears and says I know a balm. I will make it for you. Mohini asks where is Harphoul? She says go to your room. It’s all decorated. Shalini asks Santoh to leave the door and sleep. Mai takes Mohini to her room. It’s all decorated.

Harphoul gets ready. His friends tease him. Mohini recalls everything. She is worried. She says something is wrong. I will find out. Harphoul comes to the room. She says take off your kurta. He says how shameless are you?

She says take it off. He says didn’t you see in movies? It’s not this direct. Brides have to be shy. Husband comes, the wife gives him milk glass. Mohini says take off your kurta. He says how shameless are you. She takes off his court. She touches his arm. He screamsin pain. Mohini sees blood.

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