Harphool Mohini 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 12th September 2022 Harphoul hugs Mohini. He says are you okay? Mohini says yes we have to get out of here. Harphoul breaks the door and says let’s go. Mohini sees a board. She reads it. Mohini is shocked. Mohini says this..

This is the clinic’s board that we have been looking for. But there’s no clinic here. Mohini recalls Mai said there’s some secret related to the clinic. She recalls Shardha was scared of it. They get out. Mohini falls. Mohini’s foot gets stuck. He tries to get her out. Mohini says you go leave me here. A fan falls on Mohini. Harphoul screams.

Balwant says Harphoul has killed his wife. He’s threatened to kill me as well. His anger is out of control. I don’t think he can murder. Ragni says if nothing happened why are they not back? Divyani says this what you did to her?

Mai says shut up. Husbands and wife fight, but that doesn’t mean they murder each other. Balwant says not everyone has anger issues. Sarpanj says what if this gets into the news? What will be the name of our village? Harphoul comes there with Mohini. She fainted. People question them.

Balwant says Harphoul burned his wife alive. Harphoul says that the place was on fire. Balwant says you killed her. Mai prays for Mohini. Shalini tries to wake her up. Mohini coughs and opens her eyes. Balwant says she’s alive. Balwant says I knew my Harphoul can’t murder. Mai asks are you okay? Harphoul says someone set the place on fire. Balwant says could be an accident. Let’s go.

Harphoul says stop. I wanted to show you something. His friends bring the board of the clinic. Everyone is shocked. Mai recalls what shardha said. People say clinic? In our village? Balwant says I didn’t even know about it. I will find out. He leaves. He says Mohini needs rest.

Scene 2
Harphoul cleans Mohini’s face. Mohini recalls how he saved her life. She says yes. He says I didn’t say anything. Do you wanna say something? Mai brings them milk. She says thank God you’re both fine. Mai asks them to rest. Santok says take rest. Mai is worried. She thinks about the board. Mai says someone set that place on fire.

Balwant hits Banwari and Bali. He says I will burn you both. They beg for pardon. He says I can burn you both alive right now. They scream. Balwant says they both saw the board. No one should find out about the clinic or you know what can I do. Shardha cries and says the clinic is burned. How will I find out about my Manohar now?

Scene 3
Harphoul says how do I know what’s going on in her heart? Harphoul asks Mohini if she’s asleep. He says can I ask something? What happened last night.. Shalini wakes up and says what happened between you both last night? Harphoul says what are you doing in my room. They all tease him. Mohini wonders what was Harphoul gonna ask? Is this start of our relationship?? I should talk to him. I should ask him what he thinks of me.

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