Harphool Mohini 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Harphool Mohini 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Harphool Mohini 13th September 2022 Everyone dances around Harphoul and Mohini adn tease them. They decorate the room, Mai also joins them. Mohini and Harphoul are shy. Mai says you both keep fighting. Husband and wife are supposed to love each other, it brings good news in this house. Shalini gets upset.

Mai says it’s my only dream to have your child in my arms. I would want nothing else. Shalini says in heart how is it my fault if Santok and I can’t have a child? Now I know why Mai loves this Mohini so much. Harphoul says who wants to be with this Madrasan. Mohini leaves in anger. Mai asks Harphoul to convince her.

Harphoul ignores Mohini. She says amma asked you to convince me. He acts busy. Mohini says how long will you avoid me? He says I didn’t. She says nothing happened between us? He says what do you mean? Mohini says don’t act so much. He says nothing.. I sagved you. She says before that.

We were so close. He says do you have any shame? Mohini says I am talking to my husband. Didn’t you feel anything? He’s shy. Harphoul says I have neven been so close to a girl. He says I’ve to go for pooja. Mohini says you will have to accept you felt what I did.

Everyone comes for pooja. Mai gives everyone prasad. She says I am worried since Mohini and Harphoul had the accident. Let’s do a jagrata. Mohini you’ve to plan everything. Mohini says in heart Mai is ignoring me.

Santok says let me get her things from last year. He falls. Harphoul and Shalini pick him. He says I am fine. Mai picks his crutches. He says Mai don’t worry. You’ve done so much to get me treated. There’s no clinic here. She says you know how much did I try. Never give up. One day everything will be like past. Mohini says there was a clinic,

that means government was giving grant every month. Someone was taking it. Harphoul says that means Balwant takes all that money? Mai says what proof do we have? Harphoul’s friend calls. He says my friend told me the clinic waas set on fire. I am sure Balwant did it. Mai says enough.

I will teach him a lesson. Mohini says go hit his head. Mai says what do you mean? Mohini says hitting each other isn’t a solution. Haprhoul says what if he harmed you? What would I do? He can do anything for money. If we had a clinic my brother would have been treated. Mohini says I have an idea.

Scene 2
Balwant is one his way. Bali says I lfet him here. Bali says we shouldn’t trust a stanger. Balwant says I am noot scared of anyone. That man said he has a news. Balwant gets a call. The man asks him to come out of the car. He comes out. The man says come in center of the village. Balwant says who are you? He says why are you in such a hurry chacha Chaudhary? He says Harphoul..

Mohini and Harphoul come there. Harphoul says how much money have you eaten in the name of the clinic? Harphoul called him and said I am your well wisher. Your curroption is taken a notice of. If you wanna save yourself come to the bridge. Mohini says now it’s proved you did it. Balwant says I thought you were smart Mohini. I can kill you both. Police comes there. Balwant is shocked.


Harphool Mohini 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Harphoul and Mohini perform aarti in maata ki chauki. Balvant’s house gets raided.


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