Harphool Mohini 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Harphool Mohini 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Harphool Mohini 14th September 2022 Inspector comes. Mohini says here is the clinic board. The inspector says I have heard many stories about you but never got a complaint. Balwant says no one can dare in this village.

The inspector says but I am not from this village, I am from Tamilnadu. No one can save you from me. Mohini told me everything. Mohini says he also set it on fire yesterday. Harphoul says yes. Balwant says wow my nephew is speaking Mohini’s language. Should I call you your wife’s servant?

Harphoul gets angry. Mohini stops him, she says he wants to provoke you. Balwant says your wife is smart, if you had half of her brain, you might be successful. Balwant says you Madrasi’s are helping each other.

She asked you and you came here to arrest me? Do you have any proof? No right? How will you arrest me? You should have thought. Balwant leaves.

Balwant calls Banwari. He says done? Banwari says yes I did it. Balwant goes back to Mohini and Harphoul. He dances in his car. Inspector says I will arrest him in 8 hours.

Scene 2
Ganga and Mai prepare for the pooja. Ganga says Mai you did the right thing. Mai starts arti. Harphoul comes. He sees Mohini fixing the chunri. Harphoul looks at her and smiles. They both put chunri in temple together. Mohini and Harphoul do the arti together. Divyani gets Balwant ready. She says you look good.

Mohini tells Harphoul SP is on his way to arrest Balwant. Balwant gets his sketch made. Harphoul ties Chunri on Mohini’s head. SP enters the house. Balwant says came here to apologize? He says I have a search warrant for your house. Balwant says you won’t find anything. Get your loser face’s sketch made as well.

The police start looking for proof in Balwant’s house. Mohini and Harphoul do the pooja. They can’t find anything. SP leaves. Balwant says lost to me? He says Shardha give him prasad. Shardha gives SP prasad.

He takes it and leaves. SP leaves in anger. Shardha is upset. Mohini wonders if SP found anything in Balwant’s house. Harphoul says I am sure he did. SP stops the car. There is a chit in his laddu. HE reads it, it says many secrets are buried in the land here. SP says land? He goes back inside the house.

The policemen start digging the land. Balwant stops them. He says you can’t stop us.


Harphool Mohini 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :SP arrests Balwant and says let me show you your real place. Harphoul says congratulations Balawnt. Balwant says I will come back and burry this Mohini and Harphoul in the same land.


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