Harphool Mohini 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Harphool Mohini 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Harphool Mohini 15th September 2022 SP reads the chit and goes back in. Harphoul and Mohini are doing arti. Menu spills oil in sindur by mistake. Mai says what did you do? Bali says how dare you to shout in front of my Chaudhary Sahab. SP shoves him.

They start digging. Mohini and Harphoul look for the candle in sindur together. They find it. They continue with the arti. SP also finds a trunk in the land. It has many files and papers. He checks them and says it says 134 malaria patients were treated in the village but there’s no clinic here. Who were you treating then?

Balwant says don’t mess with the tiger. SP says you are not a tiger. You used to steal all the money for the clinic. I will arrest you today. Balwant gets an attack. He goes inside. Balwant says you will regret taking me out of this house.

SP says I have heard many like you. Balwant says aren’t you scared for yourself and your family? SP says no. He drags Balwant. Balwant tries to resist and falls in black ink, it splashes on his face and the painting.

Mohini gets a call. She’s shocked. She tells Harphoul. Balwant’s men try to stop the police. They break their cars. More police force comes and they fight with the men. SP fires in the air and says the next bullet won’t be in the air.

The people lay in front of their cars. SP asks to start the cars. They fight with the constables. Mohini and Harphoul come there. More villagers come with them. Harphoul plays the drum.

He says the entire village will see Balwant leaving today. They dance around him. SP says whoever doesn’t move arrests them too. They take Balwant to the jeep. Harphoul says we won, congratulations. He dances. Balwant is angry. Balwant says to Mai I will come back and ruin their lives. Mai is scared. Balwant dances around the jeep.

Balwant’s men put rocks in front of the cars. Harphoul and his friends drag and remove them. They make a way for the police. Police take Balwant. Harphoul and Mohini smile at each other. Balwant says I will ruin their lives.

Scene 2
Menu says to Mohini that Harphoul looks very happy. Another says the woman says he’s always happy when Mohini is around. Harphoul says I was so happy. Balwant was crying. His friends say you’re blossoming for another reason.

Menu picks basket, her husband says your back will break. She says we are too weak. Harphoul says do you drive a tractor in the village? Mohini says are you saying women are weak? He says men are stronger. Mohini says are you challenging me? He says yes.

Mohini’s chunri falls. Haarphoul picks it up and makes her wear it. Mohini fixes his shirt. Mohini and Harphoul think about each other. The song pehla Nasha plays.


Harphool Mohini 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :menu says Mohini you’re in love. Harphoul says when I think about Mohini my heart beats. Mohini says if I were in love I would see it. Menu says there are three ways to know it. Abhi asks Harphoul to tell Mohini the truth that he married her to save the land.


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