Harphool Mohini 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Harphool Mohini 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Harphool Mohini 16th September 2022 Mai does Harveer’s arti. She says I am scared, Balwant said he will harm Mohini and Harphoul. What if he actually succeeds? I am worried for my kids. Balwant says to SP take care of yourself and your family.

He says I will Harphoul and his wife. Harphoul says to his friends when I think about Mohini my heart beats faster. His friend says this is the first sign of love. Mohini says, love? no no. I would have known if I were in love. Menu says there are three ways to know. One, you love spending time with him. Two, you feel each other’s absence.

Three, you will fight the world for him. Abhi says you can fight yourself for your love. Abhi says where there is love, there is no space for lies. You should tell Mohini you married her to save the land. Harphoul says but everything is on right track. If Mohini finds out, her heart would be broken.

Mohini reads, the first sign of love you love being with him. I will test it. Harphoul sleeps outside. He says I need to be with her to know if I like it or not. Mohini says if I go to him I will look desperate. Harphoul says what excuse should I make? Harphoul slips. Mohini comes out of her room. Harphoul acts busy.

He says there are so many mosquitoes. She says I lit a coil. He says it’s not there. Mohini says it’s actually there. He says these mosquitoes like me. I sleep outside. Mohini says where will you sleep then? He says I can’t wake up Mai. Mohini says there’s only one option. You can come to my room.

Mai looks at them and smiles. She sees Harveer. He says don’t worry. Our kids are happy together. She imagines Balwant saying I will break them apart. Mai is scared. Mai says I can fight the whole world for my kids. I won’t let them part ever.

Harphoul sits next to Mohini. He touches her hand. Harphoul says are you sleepy?? She says yes. I sleep on this side. He says I used to sleep on this side since childhood. Mohini says then okay I will leave?

He says no no. Mohini says okay you sleep on that side. If you don’t sleep in 15 minutes, we can change the sides. Mohini’s pin nibs him. She says sorry. I sleep alone so I am not used to. They look at each other and smile.

Mohini takes the sheet. Harphoul takes it too. They both look at each other and smile. Mohini says does it smell of coconut oil? He says it smells good. Mohini says in his heart I have never felt so calm. Harphoul says I like being with her. Mohini says love’s first sign?

Scene 2
The next morning, Haprhoul wakes up. Mohini calls her mom and she’s cooking something. Harphoul says what is this good smell? Mai says your wife is making the breakfast. Menu calls Mohini and says we are waiting for you at the kitty party? Mohini says I am coming after breakfast. She wonders where is Harphoul.

Menu comes and takes Mohini with her. Harphoul asks where is Mohini? Shalini says she went to Menun’s place. Harphoul says this is the time to test if I will miss her when she’s not around.


Harphool Mohini 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Harphoul and Mohini come close to each other. Mai is scared of Balwant.


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