Harphool Mohini 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 17th August 2022 Kaki stops the dance. She says girls in this village are now dancing with men. She says Phoolmati your DIL is ruining the minds of girls here. Phoolmati says she’s dancing with her husband, what’s wrong with that?

You used to dance with your kaka too. I remember it. Phoolmati says Kaki only says such things. Everyone danced and celebrate. Mohini dances. Harphoul says I am tired. Mohini says you need my support. He says you’re so tired yourself. They argue. Shardha gives medicine to Balwant.

Everyone does arti. Harphoul and Mohini do the arti together. Mohini says I feel good now. But I am so hungry. He recalls his time with Mohini. Mohini puts her head on Harphoul’s head. They both look at the food. Balwant says why are they looking at food like that? Shalini says she’s fasting. Ragni says we can break her fast. Shalini leaves.

Balwant says I know what to do. Mohini says I will eat because you didn’t fast. He says I didn’t expect it from you. Shalini gives lassi to Mohini. She says you look tired. I care for you. Have it. She says no one is seeing. Harphoul’s friend says come let’s have food. He looks at Mohini looking at the glass. Harphoul says let’s go eat. He sits down to eat.

Divyani eats with Ragni. She says we are not fasting for these stupid men. Shalini says you both broke the fast? Divyani says you have to make that Mohini’s fast break too. Mohini doesn’t drink. She looks at people eating. She looks away.

Mohini gives the glass to Mai and says I will drink it later. Kaki says she looks like your daughter. Mai says she is my daughter. I will always love her. Harphoul doesn’t eat. He gives his plate to someone else. He says let elders eat first.

Mohini convinces people to sign the paper for the dispensary. People don’t agree. Harphoul’s friend asks him to eat. He says I don’t feel like eating. His friend says you’re fasting right? He says no. Mohini collides with Shardha. She tells her about the paper. Mohini says I will submit it to the office.

Shardha falls. Mohini holds her, she says I will never let you fall. Shardha looks at the paper. She says you know there’s no clinic in our village. It will solve such a big problem. Shardha gets teary. Mohini says sign? She takes the pen. Balwant comes. He says Shardha.. Shardha drops the pen. Balwant says to take the glasses before signing. Come let’s eat the dessert. He takes her aside and says I will cut your fingers.

Harphoul says to Mohini I ate 6 gulab jamuns. You didn’t get signatures? Should I help you? She says no you go eat. Mohini looks at Balwant. Balwant thinks about her getting the papers signed.

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