Harphool Mohini 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Harphool Mohini 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Harphool Mohini 22nd August 2022 Santok says here’s your vegetable shop. He tells her the name of the vegetables, and Mohini says the name in her language. Everyone laughs. Kaki comes there.

She comes to Mohini and says Phoolmati had to get a DIL who doesn’t know our culture of food. Mohini says you’re right, I am different. I will learn and will cook both Kerala and Haryana’s food one day for you. Ganga says this village will never accept you. Santok says she will learn. Kaki says she can’t win the competition. Mohini picks the vegetable.

Santok says give it to me. Mohini says no I am strong, I will pick it. He says are you saying it because of my leg? Mohini says no I can’t even think of that. Mohini says I think we can do anything together, it becomes easier. She picks the vegetable with him.

Sarpanj comes to Balwant and says no one should think of opening another clinic. Harphoul asks Mai what do you think is Balwant planning. Mohini asks why are you worried? Mai says I am fine. She says the food is so spicy. Mohini cooks.

Harphoul teases her with coriander. Mohini says tell me what’s from T? He says tomato in English. She says I? He says Imli, sour like you. She says this si called reddish in English. Harphoul says Mai will you make reddish paratha for me tomorrow? Shalini starts screaming in the kitchen.

Everyone goes there. Mohini asks what happened. He says there’s the spice in my eyes. Shalini says this Mohini does nothing and is running around with the excuse of the clinic. Mohini says what are you saying. Shalini says what can you cook? Mai says no one cries for all the tasks they do in the house.

Shalini says I know Harphoul and I are educated in this so we’re not respected here. Harphoul says why are you dragging me? And I have studied till 4th. Shalini says what can your wife do? She can’t even cook. Mohini says I will tell you what can I do.

Mohini opens her bags. Everyone asks what happened. Santok says Mohini don’t get mad. Harphoul asks what happened. Mohini takes out knives.

Harphoul says she’s gone crazy. Mohini comes to the kitchen. Shalini says what are you doing? Stay there. Are you crazy? Mohini says you think I make excuses so I don’t cook? She says no. Let me go. You do work. Shalini says stop her Herphoul..

please forgive me. Mohini runs to her. Shalini screams. Mohini says now I will tell you what can I do. She cuts the vegetables. Everyone is shocked. Mohini makes the salad. Harphoul smiles. Mohini says I could do this before but I couldn’t find my knives. Mai says well done. We have all seen what can you do. Shalini says where did you learn this? Mohini says it’s a secret. You can make fun of me but not babu’s dream. It was his dream to have a clinic in this village.

Mai recalls what Surinder said. Mai asks Mohini and Harphoult to come with her. Mai says Shardha said to ask Mohini to not try to open a clinic. Harphoul says she could be with Balwant. Mai recalls how she was beaten. Mohini says she’s very nice. Mai calls Shardha. She asks her why did she send Surinder to ask Mohini not to open the clinic.

Balwant scares her with a mask. Shardha says I don’t want the card. Balwant says very clever. Sit here. He throttles her and says you will go against me? He shoves her. Shardha says I didn’t do anything. He hits her. He says the clinic reminded you of your dead child. Should I take you to the clinic this time? Shardha cries. He takes out a blanket. Shardha sobs and cries.


Harphool Mohini 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohini stops Ganga Kaki and says we have different cuisine names, but we like sweet. Ganga Kaki says to her but no one likes you in this village and you can’t win this game. Mohini says to her, I have different reason for participating.


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