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Harphool Mohini 24th June 2022 Mai and Harphoul try to figure out the different food. Achha says this is badampuri. I made it myself. Harphoul says you made it yourself? Achha says yes? Harphoul says you’re a man and you work in the kitchen?

Shalini says was your wife not well? Mai says it tastes so good. They all enjoy the food. The kids come. Harphoul realizes they’re the same girls. He tells his friends they’re the same girls. His friends say to imagine how their sister would be. Mai gives them gifts. They say sorry to Harphoul.

Mai says where is Monhini? Her mom says I will bring her. She brings Mohini. Mai smiles. Mai says you’re so special. She gives her shagun. She gives her chunri as well and says I made it myself. She introduces everyone.

Mai says where’s Harphoul. They realize they saw each other at the lake. He says you? Mohini says you. They stand in anger in front of each other. Mai says he’s a little spoiled. She makes them eat sweets. Mai says come sit here.

Mohini says let me get the sweets. Harphoul says I will marry this girl? Mohini says he has no manners. He was bathing in the temple lake? Over smart. Savi says he’s very nice. Shalini says to Harphoul that she looks very clever.

Banwari says you’re so fair and she’s not fair at all. Say no. Harphoul says to me I want to talk to you. He says to Mai you said you will find a fair girl for me. She’s so dusky. She says humans aren’t made of their skin color but how their hearts is. He says she’s educated and proud and I am not educated.

Mohini sees them and says he’s complaining to his mom about me? Mai says I will be proud that my DIL is educated. He says she won’t even talk to you well. Mai says I know how she is. Mohini comes out. Mai says Kerlara and Haryana are different. Will you learn everything? Mohini says if you teach me I will learn.

Mai says I will help you. Banwari says she will rule your life. Just say on. mai asks Mohini is all good? She says I have a condition for this marriage. Banwari says girl giving conditions? Mohini says I have one condition only and I can’t marry without it. Harphoul says now a girl will give condition to me? Mai says shut up. Let her speak.

Mohini says I read on the internet that in your village there are no toilets in your village. If there are no toilets in your house, I won’t go out. I can’t marry. Harphoul says she’s so shameless. She’s talking about such a disgusting thing?

We don’t have dirt in our house. Mai says do you guys have washrooms in the houses? Mohini says we’ve toilets in the house here. Mai says show me. She takes her to the washroom. Mai says there is a door in your door too? So no one has to stand out as well? There is a mirror too. There’s constant water?

What is this? Mohini says this is the shower. Mai says wow. She says this is the toilet. Banwari says she’s so shameless. Let’s go. Santosh says she is giving us conditions? Shalini says my parents never gave me a condition.

Banwari says let’s go. Harphoul says I won’t marry her. Mohini tells maai how to use the toilet. She says no one has to walk with a water bottle? Mai says it’s so good. Mohini says a private toilet is anyone’s right.

Mohini’s mom say don’t get angry. I will talk to her. Saroj says I will talk to Mohini. Let mai comes. Harphouul says mai I’ve decided. She says I’ve decided too. I accept Mohini’s condition. Do you have any other conditions?

Harphoul says I can’t marry a girl who gives me conditions. We won’t stay here. They leave. Mai says what are you doing. Haprhoul says I won’t marry her. Harphoul’s friend and Mohini’s sisters plan to unite them. They exchange numbers and say they will inform each other.

Scene 2
Harphoul says their men cook. The women give demands? Saroj says you can’t cook for your wife? Shalini says don’t tell us these modern thoughts. Harphoul says that girl would make me cook and you still like her mai?

Mohini says I can’t compromise on such a big thing. Do you want me to go to the washroom in fields? It’s important for me. Mai says Mohini has a valid reason. Harphoul says has she done magic on you? Santosh says let’s go back. Mohini’s mom says why did she have to give conditioon?

Banwari says she doesn’t respect men. Saroj says she’s not like that. Saroj says don’t take her side. Mohini says I won’t change for anyone. Haarphoul says I won’t marry that girl.

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