Harphool Mohini 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 28th June 2022 Mohini’s mom asks her to get dressed. Mai is worried. She says things aren’t going right. This accident today too and Harphoul also had an accident. Mohini’s mom says Mohini also fell but she saved the candle.

Mai says Mohini saved Harphoul’s life too. Mohini comes. She sits with Mai. Harphoul also comes. Mai says to Harphoul Mohini saved the candle and that’s why your life was saved. He says I also saved her life.

Mohini brings an injection. He says I won’t get an injection. Saroj says this is tetnus. Mai says to apply it Mohini. Harphoul runs. His friends hold him. Mohini brings the injection and gives him an injection. Harphoul screams.

Mohini says done. Mai says see it didn’t even hurt. Saroj says she has magic in her hands. Harphoul says she also got injured. She should get an injection too. Saroj says he’s right. Mohini says I am fine. I can’t take an injection. Mohini runs. Saroj gives her an injection. Mohini screams. Harphoul says tit for tat.

Scene 2
Balwant says to Bawari you’re useless. I will do it myself. He asks his wife to wake up and get his food ready. He speaks to his goons. she says I need to inform mai. A guy calls Santosh and says someone broke into your house. Harphoul says who dare break into our house. Santosh says what will that thief take?

We’ve nothing. Harphoul says my land papers are there. Balwant says now see how he will come running back. Mohini feels unrest. She says are amma and Harphoul okay? Harphoul says I am going right now.

Mai says it’s your room tomorrow. He says I have to protect my land. He leaves. Mai is worried. Shaida calls Mai and tells her Balwant lied. There’s theft. She says Abhimanyun is going there. Mai runs after Harphoul. Abhi calls him and tells him it was a lie and he has the papers. He says don’t worry about it.

Just bring our bhabhi. Mai hugs Harphoul. Mohini calls Mai and asks are you okay? I was feeling unrest. Mai says your prayers are with us. Nothing can go wrong. Get ready for tomorrow. Mai tells Harphoul that God has united you and Mohini.

Scene 3
The roka starts. Mohini’s sisters get her ready. Harphoul gets her ready too. Mohini’s mom does her arti. Mai applies Kala teeka on Haprhoul. She says sit here. She applies it on his foot. Achha makes Mohini wear her shoes.

He says girls aren’t treated well in Harphoul’s village. Mohini says I know how to keep my dignity intact. Your Mohini is strong. Balwant hits his wife. He beats her and says how dare you to go against me. She’s scared. He says I didn’t kill you. Don’t dare to help them again. No one can save your Harphoul.

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