Harphool Mohini 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Harphool Mohini 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Harphool Mohini 28th September 2022 Harphoul says everyone man is a bit jealous. Anyway, I will see in the kabaddi ground. I will show him to stay away from my wife. I will win her. Mohini looks at him and wonders what is he thinking?

She says will he ever change his behavior for me? Mohini says to Harphoul play a fair game and win. We are all with you. Thank you for supporting me today. She gives him lassi.

Bhai ji calls Balwant and says you are useless. That girl did what she said. I should rather give her the ticket. Balwant says I have the venom that can kill her. This city is under my control, I will show that soon. Balwant says to Banwari someone told SP about the clinic papers in the ground. Go to the clinic and burns all proofs against me.

Scene 2
Mohini and Harphoul watch a show on an app together. Shalini comes to Harphoul and asks what are you doing in the kitchen? I need to cook. He leaves. Harphoul looks for Mohini. Harphoul waits for Mohini. Mohini gets ready and comes downstairs.

Mai says you should help her in the clinic today. He says it’s a lot of work, I will do it anyway. He says let’s go Mohini. Mai wishes Mohini luck. Mohini says if I find any old document I will give it to you. Mohini and Harphoul leave. Mai is happy.

Harphoul says to Mohini Mai says we should eat yogurt and sugar before starting something. He takes out a bowl he hid. Mohini says where is the spoon? He makes her eat. Mohini says this won’t work. It’s a big thing. Give me a surprise. He says we will do something special to celebrate. Harphoul’s friends come. They say we are preparing for kabaddi. We will defeat SP’s tea. Harphoul says I am the champion.

Scene 3
Mohini starts her day with arti. She starts setting up things and medicine. A man looks at Mohini. He comes in and says let me clean. I need something.. Mohini says who are you? What are you doing? Go from here. He tries to open the closet.

Harphoul comes in and kicks him out. Mohini says he was so weird. The man comes to Banwari and says there’s nothing left ot clean. Banwari pays him. He says this means she threw out all old papers. Banwari calls Balwant and says all old papers were burned. Abhi gives Mai some papers Mohini found in the clinic.


Harphool Mohini 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant is granted bail and in return, he has to prove the worth and has to separate Harphoul and Mohini.


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