Harphool Mohini 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Harphool Mohini 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Harphool Mohini 30th September 2022 Mohini and Harphoul come close. He recalls his friends teased him. Mohini says let me go get fresh. Mohini thinks she will wear the nightwear and surprise her. Harphoul thinks his friends asked him to not be romantic and get tired since he won’t be able to win the match the next day.

Harphoul stops Mohini. He says I should sleep. He says it’s a kabaddi match tomorrow. He goes to sleep. Mohini asks him what happened. He says don’t come close to me. Mohini goes away. He covers himself with the sheet.

Mohini is confused. Banwari wears Harphoul’s mask and massages his feet. Balwant says you opened the clinic but couldn’t find a single proof. Now there’s only one man living who has the proof. I won’t let that person live once I get out. Bhai Ji calls. Balwant says I know you can’t stay mad at me. Bhai Ji says I got your bail done.

Mohini says to Harphoul what are you doing? He says praying for my match. Mohini says okay. Bhai Ji says I can get you out of jail tomorrow but you’ve to prove your worth. You have to kick that Mohini out of the village. Balwant says I will break their marriage. Balwant applies black to their pictures.

Scene 2
Harphoul and his friends start the practice. Santok teaches them and trains them. Santok asks them to run. Sukha says I am tired.. Haprhoul throws water on him and says get ready. Santok says confidence makes you win. Keep your presence in mind. Santok teaches them tips.

Scene 3
Harphoul comes home. Mohini dries his hair. He smiles. Harphoul says the kit size is perfect. Mohini says it is. He says last night. Mohini says we will talk about it after your match. She makes him eat yogurt. She wishes him luck. He says I will win for sure. It’s Diwali. I will take you to eat amrita a dessert.

Mohini says this will be our first Diwali together. He says it will be special. Mohini says how? He says you will see. Mohini says what if you fight with me? He says slap me. I will surprise you on Diwali. Mohini says promise? He says yes.

Mai wishes him luck. Santok says let’s go. Mai makes them eat yogurt. He says I am so happy. Mohini asks Mai Harphoul to leave. She says yes. She says I made this protein shake for him. Mai says go give it to him.

Scene 4
Balwant comes out of jail. The match starts. The host announces teams with captains Harphoul and SP. They come to the ground for the tools. Mai and Mohini support Harphoul. SP wins the toss. Krishna says we will defend first. Mohini gives him thumbs up. Harphoul doesn’t like it. Harphoul says I’ve never lost before.

Balwant’s men celebrate and welcome him home. Divyani does his arti. She makes him eat sweets. Bhai Ji comes there. Balwant hugs him. He says you see what I do now. Once this match starts, my game will start too. The match starts. Harphoul’s team plans his attack.


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