Harphool Mohini 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 31st August 2022 Harphoul says nothing will happen. We will take part in the competition. He cleans her wound. Mohini says thank you. They both smile. The competition starts. The host says let’s welcome the best chefs.

He welcomes Balwant. Shardha is also with him. they make Balwant wear the garland. Shardha says I have to talk to Phoolmati today. Shardha sits on the stage with Phoolmati and Ganga. She says to Phoolmati I want to talk to you. Balwant says come with me let me give you your painkiller.

He takes her to the side and says don’t dare to say anything to Phoolmati. He sits next to Shardha. Shalini is worried for Mohini. Ganga says your DIL is brave. I know she will come. She says I am worried he might turn women against each other.

The host says if Mohini doesn’t come in the next one minute she will be out. Mohini enters last minute. Everyone is shocked to see her. Ragni says she can’t win from us. Shalini asks are you okay? She says if you need any help ask me. Harphoul says if you need any help let me know. Divyani says she’s injured, poor girl.

Ragni says she’s doing this to do face-saving. Shalini says have some shame. Divyani says you’ve changed sides? I won’t let her win. The host says our judge will tell the rules. Balwant stands. Ganga says sit down, you don’t know how to cook. I will tell you the rules. She says round 1, you’ve to cook roti or puri. The second and third rounds.

Scene 2
The competition starts. Mohini’s hand hurts. Shalini helps her. Divyani says no one can help each other. The host stops her. He says Shalini go back to your place. Mohini says it’s okay you go back. Divyani asks Ragni to go to her.

Ragni pretends like she’s on call. She drops Mohini’s potatoes. Mohini starts picking them. Shalini cuts the gas pipe. Mohini starts cooking. Time is running out.t Mohini’s stove doesn’t start. She smells gas. Mohini says the pipe is leaking. What will I do? Abhi and his friend pretend to fight. Sarpanj stops them.

Everyone is distracted. Harphoul gets under the table. He says I am here to help. She says I won’t take your help. He says you have one hand only you can use my other hand as yours. She tells him about the pipe. He you fix it. I will do the rest. Mohini takes out her bandage and ties it to the pipe. Harphoul covers her hand with another bandage.

Harphoul kneads flour under the table. Balwant asks Rajinder to make sure Shardha and Phoolmati can’t talk. He walks around. Mohini is scared. Balwant walks around her. Harphoul asks for salt.

Balwant sees Harphoul’s hand. He drags him out. The host says Mohini was cheating. Her husband was helping her. Balwant says no Phoolmati who does justice all the time will decide what to do. Everyone says to reject her from the competition. Harphoul says I was helping Mohini. Phoolmati says why did you agree Mohini?

she sees her hand bleeding. She asks what happened? Shalini tells everyone what happened. Mai says Harphoul knead for you? She says yes he helped me. Mai says thtis is still cheating. Mohini is out of this competition.


Harphool Mohini 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant says, this is so shameful, these two are thrown out of competition. Mohini says, Harphoul, let’s go. Ganga Kaki says stop.


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