Harphool Mohini 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 5th September 2022 Divya says the food should be from our village. Who adds coconut to yogurt here? Mohini says yogurt remains yogurt no matter what you add to it. Ganga says but she’s right. The competition was to make food from Haryana. This raita won’t be a part of it, so we will rate you based on the rice.

The host announces rest. Laxmi is third, Shalini is second and Menu is first. Everyone claps for her. Harphoul and Mohini are upset. Haarphoul says we will win the last round, we will make the best dessert. Divyani is eliminated.

Girtari calls Balwant. Balwant says why did you call me. He says I’ve not seen you for years, I came to Nakhroli to see you. Balwant is worried. Girtari says I heard there is a competition going on here.

Look around. Balwant sees him. He goes downstairs. Balwant goes to Girtari. He is the same man who stopped Shardha from going after Balwant years ago. Balwant asks Girtari did you speak to anyone? He says no. Balwant asks what recording did you play?

Shardha tells Mai that there’s already a clinic in the village. She says 26 years ago I had a child. Before I could see Manohar, Balwant took him to the clinic. He came back home alone and no one ever saw the clinic again either.

Girtari says I know what happened that night. I was at the clinic. Surinder is trying to hear. Balwant was stopped by the Harveer and said I won’t let you do this. Balwant said you can’t stop me. Shardha says I felt like I had a daughter so he got her killed but years ago I got to know my son is alive.

His name is Manohar. I heard Balwant talking on call to take care of Manohar. Shardha cried and begged him to tell her where Manohar is, and let her meet him. Balwant said keep making me happy and I will take you to Manohar. Shardha says I beg you please find that clinic. We can find a clue to Manohar.

Balwant asks Girtani to keep his mouth shut about that night. He says I stayed silent but now I have to open my mouth, I need money. Give me 5 lacs. Balwant grabs his collar and says you will get money but get lost, never come back here. Surinder records it all. Balwant asks Rajinder how long was Shardha talking to Phoolmati. He says not long.

Scene 2
Round 2 starts. Mohini and Balwant start cooking. Ragni’s husband messes it up. Divyani says my nails are ruined. she says Ganga kaki Mohini isn’t doing anything. The host says Mohini why aren’t you working? Mai says can’t you cook Mohini? Mohini’s hand hurts. She tries to work. Mohini can’t make jalebi.

Mohini says I can’t do it. She says I am trying. Mohini cries. Harphoul says you have worked so hard and that’s enough. This competition doesn’t show who is the best, you are. I will take you on a date. Balwant says I have to make them fight. Mohini says all the best to Shalini. Harphoul says our family has to win today. Mai is happy. Ganga says your family is united. The round ends. Mohini says you will do the best bhabhi.

The judges taste the desserts made by contestants one by one. The results are announced. Ganga says Shalini’s kheer was the best, she is the winner of this round. Shalini and Santok are winners of this competition.

Mohini and Harphoul celebrate for them. Shalini is happy. Ganga says we have to appreciate Mohini’s bravery. She supported Shalini and bravely took a part in it. She says Harphoul you’ve to help her every day and motivate her. Balwant says Shalini won it. But in my eyes, Mohini won.

If I could I would give her the first price. The change she brought in Harphoul is commendable. I’ve seen him on the roads for years. But today Harphoul is doing something in life. Men work in the fields, and Haprhoul is learning cooking from his wife. She’s told my nephew his real talent is being a woman.

Clapping for my feminine Harphoul. Harphoul gets angry. Mohini stops him. Mohini says he’s provoking you. Banwari and Rajinder laugh at Harphoul. They say Harphoul will cook rotis for his wife now. Harphoul throws things in anger. Mohini is shocked.


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