Harphool Mohini 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 6th September 2022 Harphoul is angry. He says you told me to help her. I became a joke in front of the whole village. I will never enter the kitchen again. Your DIL might be educated but I am not.

I will not be anyone’s slave. We have spoiled this madrasan a lot. You see no issues with her. Santok says why are you talking like that. Harphoul says don’t talk in between. Santok says shut up before I slap you.

Shalini says you keep scolding Mohini. What’s her fault? Harphoul says no you will also take her side? Mohini says enough. Can’t you respect Shalini is older than you? He says I am older than you. Mohini says you are shouting at everyone. He says what was wrong with me was that I was helping him.

Shalini brings water for Mai. Harphoul says you made me cook in front of the whole village and gave me pots in my hand. Santok says you encouraged her to take a part in it. Harphoul says I did all this for her, helped her. But she always thinks about herself. She’s selfish. Mohini says enough.

Shalini says she cut her hand for my foot and lost the competition and you’re calling her selfish? Harphoul says should I dance with her on my head? I was taking care of her, I was doing everything. Now people have made me a joke. I am not considered a man. You’re not made for this village. Santok says enough. He says now cry and do this drama.

Mai says shut up. Men in this village are like your grandfather and Balwant. You’re like Balwant who can’t respect women. You’ve Balwant’s blood after all. He says Mai take your words back. She says I won’t. He says Mohini asks her to take her words back. Mohini says I won’t. He says I won’t talk to anyone Mai says we don’t want to talk to you anyway either. They all leave.

Scene 2
Balwant asks Banwari did you not pay Girtari? Go and pay him. Harphoul and Mohini should get to Girtari. Banwari leaves. Balwant says only Girtari knows the secret about Manohar and Harveer.

Harphoul comes to his friends. He says my family doesn’t want to talk to me. They all take Mohini’s side. Abhi says we won’t hide and tolerate your anger. Your family is right and you’re wrong. Harphoul says go to hell. Mohini dances in the house and recalls what Harphoul said.

Santok says they have fought badly today. Shalini says they won’t resolve soon. Santok says they will be okay by tomorrow. Shalini says let’s bet. Haprhoul comes in He says to Mohini you can’t convince me. He says Mai eats food. Mai ignores him and takes medicine from Santok. Shalini also ignores him.

No one talks to him. He says no one cares about me. Mohini leaves his food there. He asks if she ate. She ignores him. Harphoul plays songs. Mohini turns the volume low. He turns it up. Mohini takes the plug out. She gets a shock. Harphoul says let me see. Mohini ignores him. Harphoul forces to see her hand.

She recalls what he said and cries. Harphoul takes his pillow. He takes hers by mistake. Mohini thinks about Harphoul and cries. He comes back to the room and sees her crying. Mohini says Harphoul was right. I shouldn’t have come here. Harphoul says Saraswati she’s crying. I don’t like it at all.

Scene 3
Mai sees Harphoul sleeping outside. She says I’ve to do something to resolve their fight. Shardha calls Mai and asks is Harphoul okay? She says he was very angry. Tell him about the clinic. Mai says mohini I made coffee for you. Mohini says thank you amma. I don’t wanna drink coffee. Harphoul throws the cup in anger. He says I got angry and said somethings. Move on.

Mohini says it’s easy to say then to forget. Mai says I want to talk to both of you. Santok says Mai will handle it now. Mai says I don’t know how to talk. She says Mohini how will you work for this village if you both fight? Shardha said there is some secret with that clinic that you both have to find. But you both keep fighting.


Harphool Mohini 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Harphoul and Mohini see the clinic. Girtani is there. Banwari and Bali set the clinic on fire. Mohini and Harphoul are inside.


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