Harphool Mohini 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 7th July 2022 Balwant shoots in the air. Flowers fall on Harphoul and Mohini. Mohini is scared. Balwant says congratulations m nephew. He dances around Harphoul and says have sweets.

He says there’s no poison. He eats it himself. Balwant says won’t you do DIL’s munh dikhai? Mai says no we won’t. He says let me do her arti. Mai asks Harphoul to stand with Mohini. She sees his wife all bruised and cries.

Balwant’s wife does Mohini’s arti and gives her shagun. They leave. Balwant picks his gun and says see what I do ow. Harphoul and Mohini get back on the truck. Balwant spots him. He says no I won’t shoot my own blood. He points it at Mohini.

Harphoul stands in front of Mohini. Balwant shoots. The bullet touches Harphoul’s arm. He falls on Mohini. Mohini asks what happened? He says nothing let’s go. They leave.

Mohini and Harphoul are on the way. Harphoul’s arm is bleeding. Harphoul’s arm hurts. He says to driver drive slow. Mohini looks at him. He says I was sleeping. They arrive home. Harphoul hides his arm.

His friend says to come down. Mai asks Shalini to take Mohini inside. She asks Harphoul to show his arm to her. She is shocked. Santoh comes too. They tie a cloth on it. Mai says couldn’t you say it? How did this happen? Who shot?

Harphoul says Balwant but it touched me. Mai says how dare he. I will go to the police. I won’t stay silent now. How dare he try to harm my kids. Santoh says the police are with him. Harphoul’s friend hears.

Mai says I told you we won’t go there. I am going to the police. I wanna see him in jail. Harphoul says I will take my revenge myself. Mai says he can harm your life. I won’t go to the police.

Someone holds her hand. It’s transgenders. They ask Mai to pay for the couple. Mai says how will we do the ritual in this condition? Harphoul says I am fine. They go inside. Mohini asks Mai are you okay? She says yes.

Mai says this is Surakshna. She takes the evil eyes off everyone. She considers Harphoul her brother. Mohini says I will call you chechi. She says what? Mai says in Kerala Chechi means elder sister.

She hugs Mohini and says Harphoul I will pray for Mohini before you now. She says why is Harphoul so sad? Harphoul says stop pulling my leg or I will pull your wig. She says these are my real hair. She does their arti. Mai asks Mohini to give Surakshna silver necklace. They go inside. Harphoul’s friend tells all his friends that Balwant shot him.

Scene 2
Balwant shoots pots on poor kids’ heads. He says Banwari can I shoot your head too? He sits at Balwant’s feet and says forgive me, please. Balwant says who saved that girl from my bullet? You said Harphoul doesn’t even talk to her. Why did he stand in front of her? Banwari says you know how he is. He says the girl won’t’ stay there for 2 days, she is very different. The girl laughs.

Surakshna asks Mohini to step inside the house. Harphoul is fainting. They go inside.


Harphool Mohini 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Harphoul tells Mai that Balvant tried to shoot Mohini. Mai is in shock.


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