Harphool Mohini 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 7th September 2022 Mohini says I won’t go with him. Mai says to end your fight. Harphoul says she provoked me. Mohini says you fought. Mai says you have to lose the knot of untangled threads.

Harphoul says you weren’t talking to me either. I get angry you know. Mai says you always stay hungry. Good husband and wife resolve their fights. Look at Santok and Shalini, they resolve all their matters. Harphoul says Shalini fights with him. Mai says she fights on small things like why didn’t you get me bangles,

why didn’t you appreciate my food. She shows her right as a wife. You keep changing. You forget everything in your anger. She asks Mohini what does Harphoul like. Do you even know as a wife? Mai says he likes roti with ghee and sugar. Mai says see.. I did that in front of you. I told you too.

Something that only you know. Mohini says none. Mai says I was wrong to think you both will learn about each other. You both only fight. You both won’t get dinner today. Harphoul says I am hungry. This Mohini eats a lot. She gets hungry. Mai says she’s your wife. You handle her. talk it out and understand each other. Mohini says me with him? Mai says until you both don’t find out one thing about one another you won’t get food.

Scene 2
Surinder tells Shardha about Girtari, and she recognizes him. She says Balwant will try everything to hide this secret. Mohini and Harphoul go out. She says I don’t want to go with you anyway. He drags her. Mohini’s hair loses open. She sits on his bike. His bike stops. Mohini says your bike is also useless like you.

Santok says see these potatoes. Our land will grow vegetables like this. Shalini says it will. Mai says Harphoul is an idiot but Mohini is wise. She doesn’t focus on her relationship. If they both fight they won’t be able to fight people like Balwant.

Divyani tells Balwant Mohini and Harphoul fought a lot. He says I know how to provoke people. He says Mohini messed with the wrong person. I will make their marriage fall apart. Some people try to help them in this house. Keep an eye on Divyani.

Haprhoul says you’re bitter did you ever have any friends? She says I had many in the school. Shardha looks for her phone. Divyani says Balwant has kept it in the lock. You won’t get it. Mohini and Haprhoul see a caravan of people. Harphoul thinks about their wedding. Mohini says I never liked when girls had to leave their house after the marriage.

He says you get everything in the husband’s house. Mohini says you can’t even appreciate and you think it’s the same as my parents? You’re always angry. You think you’re so smart. You only discourage me. You don’t know how to encourage people. Mohini keeps fighting. He says I get it.

On the way, Harphoul sees Girtari. He asks if there’s a fuel pump nearby. Banwari and Bali come there. They show it to Balwant. Balwant says they got to Girtari?

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