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Harphool Mohini 8th August 2022 Mohini and Mai do funeral of Sushila’s daughter. Mohini thinks about Sushila asking her to save her baby. She recalls how everyone was against her trying to save Sushila. She cries with Mai.

Mai says I also lost my daughter like this. Everyone is shocked. Mai says yes they did the same to my daughter, this village’s people. Mohini hugs her. She thinks about who killed Mai’s daughter.

Balwant says sushila should have died to with that child only then Mohini would be blamed more. He says I follow your path. The wold should be run by men and women are just burdens. No one can change rituals of this village. Mohini can’t bring any change here. He says to Divyani let’s celebrate that burden child died.

Maai says her father in law found out she was pregnant with a girl. So he made sure she had a miscarriage when Harveer wasn’t in the village. She says this village kills many girls. She says my daughter could have been saved if the government had strict laws back then. She says I can still hear my daughter asking me to save other girls. Harphoul says if she was alive she would have been out elder sister.

Santok says she would tie rakhi on our hands every year. Harphoul says it must have been so great to have a sister in this house. Mohini says we can plant a seed for your sister and grow a plant. She brings a plant. Mai geets teary. Haprhoul plants it and says this will represent my sister in this house from now own. Harphoul asks Mai what would you name our sister? Mai says I wanted to name her Muskaan.

Saraswati makes noise. Harphoul gives her food. Mohini says I can feed Saraswati too. She says I know you’re upset. Mohini says you can fight with me, or say anything that would make you feel better. Mohini says Saraswati is your sister too. Mohini says I want to become friends with saraswati.

Harphoul introduces her to saraswati. Mohini says to Mai we can’t lose hope like this. We will make this the village Harveer wanted it to be. Mohini says I am so proud of you that you always stand with the truth even if everyone is against you. They hear drums. Shalini says the village is celebrating death of Sushila’s baby. Meenu screams on people to have some shame and instead of helping Mohini they took a life. Mohini says not a single girl in this village will die anymore.

Scene 2
Harphoul’s family eats after two days. Shalini says we are in this condition because of this Mohini. Balwant says to Banwari says they didn’t eat anything for two days. Mohini will learn her worth when she sees her family hungry. Mai feels dizzy. She adds water by mistake. She cries for ruining the food that they had.

Mohini says it’s okay I can fix it. Mohini says to Harphoul Mai’s sugar levels are decreasing. She is feeling dizzy. He says I will ask my friends to arrange food for Mai. Mohini tries to cheer up Mai. Harphoul calls Sukha and asks him to bring food for Mai.

Mohini sings for Mai. Harphoul and Santok join them. Mai faints. Mohini splashes water on MAi’s face. Mohini says we have to give her something sweet. Her sugar is low. They try to find but there’s nothing in the kitchen.

Sukha and Ssakundala come. Mohini and Harphoul get shocked because they’re injured. Mohini goes out and says to Harphoul don’t let Mai sleep. Harphoul goes after her. Mohini knocks on every door and asks them for sugar. Harphoul asks shopkeepers in the market. The shopkeeper calls Balwant. Balwant laughs and says don’t give them a grain. Haprhoul says to the keeper he will pay extra. They ask him to leave. Harphoul tries to steal some sugar. Banwari’s guys hit Harphoul.

Mohini returns home and cries. Harphoul fights with Banwari’s men. He comes back home. Shardha says to Balwant don’t eat so much sweets. She asks servant to bring insulin. Mohini says I found a sugarcane. They give sugarcane juice to Mai. Mai opens her eyes. Abhimanyu and his parents come and bring some milk.

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