Harphool Mohini 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Harphool Mohini 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Harphool Mohini 8th September 2022 Girtari says why should I tell you if there’s a cafe here. Balwant calls him. His phone falls. Balwant is scared what if he told Harphoul and Mohini the truth?

He calls Banwari and says go after Harphoul and Mohini and do as I say. He calls Girtari. He says I didn’t get the money. Mohini and Harphoul walk. Mohini says I am tired. She says you left your education, you can continue your education.

He says you want me to change? Mohini says you think everything is wrong? You’re smart, you can do anything but you undersell yourself. I saw your kabaddi medals. He says those are Santok’s. He was state level champion.

I started it to make him proud too. I always wanted to be a farmer. Mohini says we both love our families a lot. I left my education so Mali can study. He says if you were a doctor you would have more ego. It starts raining. They run to a house nearby.

Banwari and Balo come inside. Mohini and Haprhoul try to make the light inside. Harphoul and Mohini look at each other. Haprhoul tries to light a candle. He says are you cold? Let me do something. He lights a fire with the wood. Mohini gets scared of the thunder, she hugs him. She says sorry I am scared of it. He caresses her face. Mohini falls, and Harphoul falls on her.

Banwari and Bali throw petrol on the house outside. Mohini’s saree gets stuck. Harphoul takes it out of her. Mohini cleans Harphoul’s face. Mohini’s bangle gets broken. sHe says it was my favorite. he says I will get you another one. Harphoul says I smell petrol. He looks outside. Bali throws fire inside the house. Mohini sees fire. She screams.

Scene 2
Mai calls Harphoul and Mohini. She is worried for them. Harphoul is outside. Mohini gets locked inside. Balwant says today is her funeral. She says to Divyani you have to tell everyone. Divyani calls Ragni and says Mohini and Harphoul had a bad fight. He took Mohini away. I heard a house was on fire. Harphoul might have set Mohini on fire in anger.

Mohini says there’s too much fire. Go from here. The women discuss everywhere that Harphoul’s anger killed Mohini. Ragni says we should all go there and ask Phoolmati. Harphoul tries to break the door. Mohini asks him to leave. He says I won’t leave you alone here. People question Mai about Harphoul.

Mai says he can never harm his wife. Shalini says Mohini forgot her phone. Mai is worried for them. Mai cries and says find them please. His friends rush out. Santok feels helpless. Haprhoul breaks the door. Mohini says I told you not to come here. He hugs Mohini and says how could I leave you alone.


Harphool Mohini 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mai asks Harphoul to leave, a plank falls on her. People blame Harphoul of killing Mohini.


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