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Imlie 10th August 2022 Aryan informs inspector that he had 3 laddus prepared by Imlie and has 1 more with him. Imlie recalls him forcefully having laddus. Aryan asks inspector to send 1 leftover laddu to the lab and says he can even have it to prove Imlie’s innocence.

Malini asks him not to risk his life. Aryan says one who tells truth doesn’t have any danger from Imlie, liers should fear Imlie instead. He eats laddu and says he is totally fine and asks inspector to get the remaining laddu tested if he wants to and free Imlie. Inspector says it means the problem was in confectioner’s laddu.

Malini leaves from there angrily. Meethi thanks Aryan for saving Cheeni and Imlie. Aryan asks her not to thank him as he just supported truth. Meethi prays for him. Inspector takes Meethi to finish legal formalities and asks constable to take her thumb impression. Meethi says her daughter taught her to sign and asks for pen.

Imlie asks Aryan when he finished Cheeni’s given laddu, how did he get otehr laddus. He recalls stealing it from the tiffin. Imlie asks why was he carrying laddus in his pocket when he found them having less sweet. Aryan says sweetness was there, but he felt it more bitter. She asks why did he do all this then.

Aryan says she should thank him. Imlie asks why should she thank him for getting her arrested without proof and then bailing her out with proof, his trust demands proof and her trust needs nothing. Aryan says he had to get her arrested for her safety as children’s parents wanted to kill her and he wanted to protect her till he got proof. He asks what did he get by saving her. He says he supported truth.

She asks what he wants. He says her pain, her defeat, her tears; he wants her to accept her mistake, repent for the things she snatched from him, and go through the pain which she gave him; he wants her to apologize him.

Imlie says she will not apologize. Aryan says he will not go from here without taking her apology letter. Imlie says she will not as he knows she doesn’t report anything wrong and her Seeta maiya will get proof of her innonce. Aryan says she will bring proof only if she has one.

Police brings Girish. Imlie trashes him with police lathi venting out her frustration on her for trying to molest his village girl and trying to kidnap his daughter. Aryan stops her and asks Girish to confess to his crimes. Girish accepts that he tried to forcefully confine village girl and molest her and he kidnapped Imlie to take revenge from her, but kidnapping was not his idea. Aryan asks who is that person.

Malini gets tensed and hopes he doesn’t take her name. Girish says he just spoke to her over phone and never met her. Malini throws lathi over his head and he collapses before taking Malini’s name. Aryan tries to wake him up. Malini asks Aryan to leave Girish as he is unconscious and says they should return to Delhi now as their work is done here. Police take Girish to hospital.

Imlie asks Aryan if he realized his mistake and asks him to say sorry. Aryan says sorry and says he will not forgive her for her mistake and asks if she will not ask what he wants. He says he needs nothing and asks her to never come in front of him again. He leaves from there while Imlie stands silently looking at him.

Meethi describes Cheeni how Aryan proved Imlie’s innocence and bailed her out. Cheeni says she is confused with Aryan and Imlie’s story and asks her to tell their story or else she will ask someone else. Meethi says she has right to know truth and shows Aryan and Imlie’s wedding photo. Meethi describes whole story and says they are hiding their love for each other. Cheeni says she will make them realize their love for each other and reunite them. She fixes torn photo and hugs it.

Malini over phone informs Anu that she thinks Aryan fet pity and bailed out Imlie, tomorrow she and Aryan will leave for Delhi away from Pagdandiya, irritating little girl, and Imlie. Cheeni tells Meethi that she will pinch whoever will interfere between Aryan and Imlie.

Next morning, Imlie while doing household chores recalls Aryan’s words. Meethi says she wants to bid adieu to her happily. Imlie says she will not go anywhere and goes to give breakfast to Cheeni and finds her missing. They both get concerned for Cheeni.


Imlie 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie cries when she doesn’t find Cheeni.Malini offers kerchief to Imlie and says she prays that Imlie cries her whole life.


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