Imlie 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 11th July 2022 Imlie disguised as an old NGO worker and Aryan as her assistant enter child trafficker’s den and finds Gudiya and other kidnapped babies there. They both decide to rescue all the babies.

Imlie notices no toys around the babies and sings a song to entertain the babies. Babies cry more. Aryan scolds her for making the baby cry more. Imlie asks him to dance and entertain the kids. Aryan says he will not dance without music. She sings a Dreamam Wakapam Critical Coditonsham.. song.

Aryan dances and says baby know the value of real artist. They both dance and entertain kids. Goon guards enters. Imlie says its a part of her inspection to check if babies are happy. Guards leaves asking them to continue.

Imlie picks guidya and removing her specs to show her identity tries to comfort her. Aryan alerts her seeing Guards returning. Imlie as usual argues with him. He pinches her. She notices goons’ shadow and get alert. Guards asks if the inspection is done, its time for the babies to sleep.

Imlie says she wants to question them and questions each goon while Aryan silently carries babies from a cradle to a carrier. Gudiya starts crying. Imlie asks Aryan to rescue the kids while she comforts Gudiya. She removes her specs and tries to comfort Gudiya when goon guards return and identity her as Imlie from Bhaskar Times. Guards try to catch her.

Imlie fights with guards in her usual style. Aryan brings Babies’ parents who punish the guards and take their babies home. Aryan tells Imlie that he could find parents of all the babies except Gudiya.

Imlie says maybe Gudiya’s family is far away. They both return home with Gudiya. Narmada thanks god for their safe return and performs their aarti. Imlie says Gudiya fought with hunger, loneliness, and goons. She suggests Gudiya to fight with all the odds. Gudiya babbles. Arpita says Gudiya is promising to listen to her. Imlie asks Narmada if she can adopt Gudiya as nobody came to pick her up.

Neela yells that she will not let Aryan’s baby’s property right to anyone. Imlie says Gudiya doesn’t need property but a right to live. Arpita says Gudiya will get parents, uncle, aunt, and grandmothr’s love. Aryan tells Narmada that they will not do anything without her permission.

Imlie emotionally requestions Narmada to shower her motherly love on Gudiya and give her the upbringing she gave to Aryan and Arpita. Narmada accepts baby and says everyone has right on the mamta/motherhood. She asks Aryan to find out when they can legally adopt Gudiya. Imlie thanks her and introduces Gudiya to her Chiku.

She tells Aryan that she can’t believe she has gudiya with her. Malini enters. Imlie recalls all the past events and issues happened between them. Malini says Gudiya is her daughter, leaving Imlie in shock.


Imlie 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini takes Gudiya from Imlie.


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