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Imlie 12th August 2022 Aryan returns home. Cheeni enters his house hiding and is mesmerized seeing a lavish house. Preeta feels excited seeing him back and clicks selfies with him. Preeta asks Aryan if he missed her.

Aryan recalls meeting Imlie. Cheeni watches them hiding and laughs. Meethi comforts Imlie and says a daughter is a mother’s heartbeat, so she should touch her heart and realize that Cheeni is fine.

Imlie says she had her dadda/Satyakam to comfort her, but Cheeni doesn’t have any father figure. She touches her heart and feels that Imlie is fine and is with someone who is father figure like Dadda. Aryan asks Preetha her age. She says she is 24. Aryan asks her qualification. Preeta gets excited thinking Aryan wants to marry her and hence wants to know her details.

She says she did a degree in business management, her hobbies are posting stories and pics on social media, she doesn’t know any household work but can get others work. Aryan asks her to check her phone as he sent college application forms for her postgraduation. Preeta asks if he wants her to do MA.

Aryan says he is worried for her as they’re childhood friends, nothing can happen between them as usual, it has been 5 years since and at least now she should change. Preeta says nothing has changed in 5 years, everyone were in Imlie’s favor earlier and even now, what will they all get by increasing her age.

She walks away frustrated. Jaggu meets Aryan next followed by Arpita and Narmada. Aryan asks Narmada about her health. Narmada says she is fine and says Aryan returned without any injury on his face.

Arpita says this is the first in 5 years. Narmada asks how is Imlie. Aryan says she is fine. Arpita asks him to tell in detail how is she, what she does, and with whom she lives. Aryan says he doesn’t know. They insist. He agrees. Cheeni watching them thinks Hero ji becomes zero ji in front of naani/Narmada and mausi/Arpita.

Aryan says Imlie is fine and is living with her mother and a small little distant relative girl who is very cute, Imlie works in a local news paper as a journalist. Jaggu notices Cheeni and runs back inside home. Cheeni fears he will inform everyone. Aryan asks them not to hope that Imlie will return in this house.

Narmada gets teary eyed hearing that. Arpita scolds Aryan. Aryan says a partner is the one who is with him in his bad times, he is alone and hence Imlie is neither wife nor partner. He walks to his room.

Imlie calls editor worried for Cheeni. Meethi thinks how to inform her that Cheeni is with Aryan. Imlie fumes when editor doesn’t pick call. Meethi asks her to call Aryan as Cheeni must have spoken to him. Imlie asks why would Cheeni do that. Meethi insists her to call Aryan and says maybe Aryan has answers to all her questions.

Aryan lies on a couch recalling his argument with Imlie. He thinks he changed time and situation in his favor, then why can’t he control his feelings for Imlie. Imlie calls him. He looks at her number and recalls all the events happened between them. Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain.. song plays in the background.

Imlie breaks down when he doesn’t pick her call. Aryan watches Cheeni’s missing news on TV, calls Imlie back, and asks how can Cheeni go missing. Imlie says Cheeni was at home when she slept and went missing since morning, asks if he knows where Cheeni can go. Aryan says she didn’t inform him anything, he was watching a news and found out about Cheeni’s missing news. Imlie apologizes him for calling him at this time. Aryan promises her that nothing will happen to Cheeni and he will find her out.

Aryan thinks where the hell did Cheeni go. Cheeni asks what does where the hell means. Aryan is startled to see her inside his room and asks how did he come here. Cheeni says he brought her here. Aryan says everyone are worried for her. Cheeni asks if he means Imlie. He says he will call Imlie.

She snatches his phone and cries saying she doesn’tw want to return to Imlie as she makes her work and bullies her. Aryan says Imlie cannot do that. Cheeni asks how does he know, did he also stayed with Imlie. He feels nervous. cheeni starts badmouthing about Imlie. Aryan says he has to inform her family anyways.

Cheeni pleads to let her stay there. Aryan says she can stay, but he has to inform her family. Cheeni asks to call Meethi instead of Imlie after some time. Aryan asks why later and not now. She thinks Imlie would be around Meethi now and says she is feeling hungry even after having dhaba food. Aryan says he will bring food for her and thinks he needs to hide Cheeni from his family.


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