Imlie 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 12th September 2022 Aryan insists Imlie to reveal her baby’s father’s name. Imlie says he doesn’t want to discuss about it.

Aryan says he was waiting for her since 9 month. Imlie says he should forget this question and asks why didn’t he react when Malini threw her out of his house and accused her of stealing Cheeni. Aryan asks her to relax as stress is not good for her during pregnancy and asks her to accompany him to his house.

Imlie asks why should she go with her, just because he thinks she can’t take care of her baby alone, but she is not alone. Aryan asks if she is not alone, then where is baby’s father and why didn’t she take baby’s father’s name, why is she angry on him.

Imlie says he abandoned her and broke her trust and doesn’t have any right on her now, so she will handle herself now. Aryan asks how will she take care of the baby alone. Imlie says its not his responsibility, baby’s father will support her and not him.

Malini calls clowns to entertain Cheeni. She tells Cheeni that Imlie will return to Cheeni, but they both won’t stay together. She threatens that last time she made Imlie a dust and this time will turn her into air if she doesn’t obey her. Frightened Cheeni asks what shall she do. Malini gives her phone and asks her to cal Aryan and say as she says or else Imlie will bear the punishment. Aryan tells Imlie that she said he is not her family,

but what will she say Cheeni. He gets Cheeni’s call who says she wants to tell him something. He says even he wants to. She says she will first, she needs both mummy and papa, heroji and khali mali/Malini. Aryan and Imlie are shocked to hear that. Malini signals Cheeni to plead Aryan to marry Malini. Imlie thinks Cheeni can’t demand this by herself, she is sure something is wrong.

Cheeni continues to plead Aryan to give her a complete family. Aryan recalls Imlie refusing his help and thinks he will always love Cheeni and will be with Cheeni whom Imlie loves most. He says yes to Cheeni’s request and says whatever she wishes will happen, he will marry Malini today itself. Aryan says he has Imlie’s responsibility and will handle her 50% responsibility. He kisses her forehead.

Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahoonga.. song plays in the background. Aryan leaves. Imlie breaks down. Meethi returns and asks why didn’t she stop Aryan. Imlie says Cheeni sounded very frightened. Meethi asks why didn’t she inform Aryan, she will stop Aryan from marrying Malini.

Imlie stops her says she already lost Aryan and cheeni and doesn’t want to lose anything more, she is tired of speaking truth and losing over Malini repeatedly. Meethi says her baby her strength and she needs to fight for it. She needs to get all the rights her baby deserves and destroy Malini’s lies.

Narmada gets Aryan’s message to make wedding arrangements and shows it to Arpita and Sundar. Sundar says maybe its a typing mistake. Aryan returns home. Arpita asks whose marriage is it. Aryan says his marriage. Neela feels happy thinking he is going to marry Preeta. Narmada asks whom he is marrying. Aryan says Malini Chaturvedi.


Imlie 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arpita warns Aryan not to marry Malini. Malini says only she will marry Aryan for a reason. Imlie heads towards Aryan’s house.


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