Imlie 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 13th September 2022 Aryan returns home and announces that he is going to marry Malini. Family stands shocked hearing that. Neela yells that Aryan threw water on her and Preeta’s dreams. Arpita asks if he knows what is he saying, doesn’t he know Malini .

Aryan says he knows Cheeni well who needs his and his family’s support. Sundar says Malini is abnormal, he should think of Imlie. Aryan says Imlie doesn’t care of him anymore and has already started a family with someone else.

Narmada says she cannot believe that, who is the person Imlie has moved on with. Aryan says he doesn’t know, he has taken a decision and nobody can change it. Arpita and Narmada stand speechless.

Malini checks jewelry and asks Cheeni how would she look when she enters mandap as Aryan’s bride. She asks Cheeni to select one set among many. Cheeni selects one. Malini says she will get similar set for Cheeni also as she is responsible for this wedding. Cheeni asks if she really wants to marry.

Malini says of course. Cheeni says she needs Imlie back. Malini says Imlie will not get either Aryan or Cheeni. Cheeni says she can be a bride but can never be a heroine. Malini warns her to shut her mouth up.

Preeta feels heartbroken after hearing about Aryan’s decision to marry Malini. Neela apologizes her for not fulfilling her dream. Preeta pours her heart out and asks how can Aryan reject a woman like Imlie and her and marry Malini. Neela says Anu and her daughter fooled them, she will take revenge from them.

Arpita tells Narmada that she sent her son to a boarding school because of family issues and will not Aryan marry Malini. Sundar says he knows Malini well. Narmada Aryan takes wrong steps whenever he is angry and only Imlie can stop him. They all 3 god to send Imlie back soon.

Imlie heads towards Rathore mansion in an auto and prays Seeta maiya. Anu shows bridal items to Malini and says she should be happy as she is getting married to Aryan. Malini says she is marrying unwillingly.

Preeta with Neela enters and tongue lashes Malini that she considered Malini as an elder sister, but Malini betrayed her like she betrayed Imlie; Malini had promised to get her married to Aryan, but herself is marrying him now. Anu warns her to stop her drama and asks who let them inside the house. Neela warns her back to stop shouting.

Malini says she is not interesting in Aryan or anyone and is thankful to them both for helping her. Neela asks if Preeta will marry Aryan then. Malini says she will marry Aryan. Preeta asks why was dragged in all this then. Malini says she wanted Preeta to become a biggest vilian in Imlie’s life, but since Preeta failed, she had to take charge.

She says everything is fair in love and war, and when she didn’t spare her sister and daughter, why would she spare Preeta. Cheeni listens to their conversation and hopes Imlie comes soon and shows her girl power.

Imlie reaches Aryan’s house and recalls time spent there till she is kicked out. Neela and Preeta enter and promise to support Imlie. Imlie says they always conspired against her, what are they planning now with Malini. Neela says they were trapped by Malini and truly wants to help Imlie.

Preeta says she wants to be Imlie’s friend and help her reunite with Aryan. Neela says she trusts the mother of her family’s heir and knows she cannot do anything wrong. Imlie asks if they really want to help her. Preeta says if they didn’t want to, then why would they bring Cheeni along. Cheeni walks to Imlie. Imlie emotionally hugs her and asks if she is angry on her. Cheeni asks what if Malini comes here.

Imlie says she will hit an elbow on Malini and Cheeni can show her girl power. Cheeni apologizes her being tp rude to her and asks if her stomach has swollen up due to having extra moti/fat rotis. Imlie says its her baby sibling. Neela says let us go in and plan something. Imlie says she will make Malini confess to her crimes.


Imlie 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aryan says there is someone else in Imlie’s life. Cheeni reveals that Aryan and Imlie got intimate after having bhang mixed milk. Aryan thinks it means he is the baby’s father.


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