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Imlie 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 14th July 2021 Sundar takes food for Imlie. Imlie says she is not hungry. Sundar says everyone sent it for her. She excitedly asks if Aparna and Pankaj sent it. Sundar nervously says yes and asks her to have food. Adi walks in, takes plate, and says she will have food with everyone. He keeps her plate on dining table and says let us have food with everyone. Elders get angry seeing that while youngsters support Imlie. Aparna says this place is for family members and if Adi wants a stranger to sit with him, they will walk away from here. All 4 elders walk away. Radha orders Rupali, Nishant, and Pallavi to accompany them. Nishant hesitates. She walks away asking if elders order will be disrespected because of Imlie. They all 3 follow her. Adi insists Imlie to have food with him.

After dinner, Adi walks to Aparna and says she has right to get angry on him for not informing her about his first wife Imlie and lying to her repeatedly, but she should blame Imlie. Aparna says Imlie misused their love and being an illegitimate child, she had an illegitimate relationship with Adi. Pankaj says Malini informed them everything. Adi asks even then they are calling Imlie as illegitimate child, Anu wrongly alleged Mithi and insulted her, even they are doing same with Imlie, they considered Imlie as a family member before and are humiliating her once the truth is out. Pankaj says nobody forced Imlie to accompany him to this house. Aparna says Pankaj is right, Imlie purposefully accompanied him in this house and acted good to his family to make a place in this house and manipulate him, which cannot understand. She says Imlie came here as servant and should be a servant here. Adi asks who are they both to judge Imlie, he became a journalist to change this thinking and didn’t know he has to fight with his own family; he warns them that Imlie is his wife and he will give all her rights from right now.

Adi walks to Imlie and picking her bag holds her hand says let us go. Aparna asks what is he doing. He says which she had to do. Family gathers again, and Pankaj asks what is he doing. Adi says Aparna didn’t perform her bahu’s graha pravesh and Imlie happily accepted a corner of the house, they were fine until the truth was out and now they want to snatch even that corner from Imlie, he will give her the right place she deserves. Pankaj says he is crossing his limits. Harish asks if he will insult family now. Adi says Imlie deserves to stay in his room as whatever belongs to him belongs to Imlie. He holds Imlie’s hand and tries to get into his room. Imlie stops and after a long dialogue says until his family accepts her, she will not enter his room. Adi fixes his bed next to Imlie’s and says he will stay with her if he cannot support her.

Next morning, Imlie helps Mithi and Satyakam pack their bags. Satyakam tells her that she must be sad that he is taking her amma suddenly, but he got some important work in Pagdandiya. Imlie informs that Adi’s family found out truth. They ask if they accepted her. Imlie reminisces family humiliating her and lies that they happily hugged and accepted her. Mithi asks Satyakam to bring 2 kg sweets to visit Adi’s family. Imlie nervously says they can visit next time. Mithi asks to tell truth. Imlie hugs her tightly and cries. Satyakam gets angry and asks if they insulted her, he will not spare them. Mithi says its not a time to get angry and suggests Imlie to win her family’s hearts as its every bahu’s duty and test to win her in-laws’ heart, she knows Imlie will clear this test as usual. Satyakam says she is shagun ka sikka and should prove that she is fit to be their bahu and can do anything she wants to.

Aparna while heading to temple tells Radha that they need to perform Pallavis’ muh dikhayi ritual. Radha says she knows, but she thought Aparna didn’t want to seeing the situation at home. Aparna says let us perform it. Radha sees Imlie standing with pooja thali. Aparna asks what is she doing, if she wants to prove that she is Adi’s wife, she is Adi’s keep and will never get respect. Radha says she is doing all this to grab Adi’s property. Imlie says she just needs their love like they showered their love before like a mother, why can’t they accept her as bahu when they could accept her as a daughter. Aparna asks if she can act like before and keep a distance from Adi, she will promise to accept her like before. Imlie says she got this sindhoor and mangalsutra back with much difficulty and cannot sacrifice it. Radha says they cannot trust her again.


Imlie 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi tells Aparna that he will attend tomorrow’s function with Imlie or else not. Aparna warns that Imlie will attend the function like a servant. Adi says he will attend the function with Imlie as his wife or else not.


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