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Imlie 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 14th July 2022 Malini ignores her baby crying and sleeps. Imlie with Aryan enters the room hiding and comforts the baby with a toy. Aryan says baby was missing her and hence calmed down. Imlie asks if they can present the video evidence and get custody of the baby. He says he will speak to his lawyer.

Imlie says baby’s cry was heard in whole house, but nobody came to comfort her. They record baby’s crying video as a proof. Malini enters with a milk bottle and acting stunned seeing them barged into her house notices them recording a video via a camera and herself records an emotional video that her step sister

Imlie wants to prove that she is an irresponsible mother, she was sleeping in another room today as she is ill and doesn’t want to spread infection to her daughter, but a soon as she heard her crying, she came here with milk.

Imlie switches off camera and asks Malini to stop her drama as she must have seen them coming and hence came here with a milk bottle. Malini recalls watching them coming in hiding and asks Imlie to please leave.

Imlie tries to leave but stops hearing baby crying again. Malini wipes Imlie’s tears and says she already experienced helplessness of going away from loved ones and wants Imlie to experience the same. She shuts the door on Imlie’s face and asks her to get lost. Back home, Imlie tells Aryan that Malini is playing a drama.

Aryan says he is also worried for the baby, but the world don’t think like Imlie thinks; the fact is the baby is Malini’s daughter and Malini attended her even if its late, fact is they don’t have right on the baby. Imlie says Rupali has right don’t he baby though, they will take the baby from Malini and give her to Rupali.

Aryan asks her if she is for real, Tripathi family hates Malini and wouldn’t accept the baby. Imlie says if the baby’s mother loves her, they don’t have to do this. Aryan says staying away from the baby due to illness may be wrong for her, but its right according to Malini; there is no rule for parenting,

everyone wants to do the best for their baby; it doesn’t mean that the way she doesn’t like is wrong; he dons’t say that Malini is a good mother, they cannot teach her how to upbring her child; they did whatever they could and they have to involve police if they have to go ahead further, which he doesn’t want to and hence she should stop interfering in Malini’s life. Imlie stands speechless while he walks away.

Later at the office, Aryan takes updates from his employees. Imlie is lost in thoughts. Aryan alerts her and asks if she wants to work or not. She says she is working on her story and will update him. Aryan dismisses the meeting and asks Imlie if she is still tensed regarding the baby girl.

Imlie says she doesn’t want the girl to go through the bad childhood she went through, she had at least her mother to love her, but gudiya doesn’t have both. She says Malini is using gudiya against them. Aryan says she is right, orders his assistant to postpone all his meetings for 2 hours. He holds Imlie’s hand and reaches Malini’s house saying he will not leave her alone even for a minute. He knocks the door. Malini opens the door and says not again.

Aryan says he came to warn her that ignoring baby’s care and intentionally hurting her physically is a criminal offense. Anu warns him to dare not threat her daughter. Aryan says he doesn’t just threat but takes action. Anu says she is not afraid of his threat and would file a police complaint against both of them and accuse the servant Imlie that her husband’s illegitimate daughter is blackmailing us for money.

Aryan reminds Anu that she had been to jail twice, she can do whatever she wants but cannot do anything in front of his and Imlie’s partnership, he will sue them if they don’t take care of the baby. Baby starts crying. Imlie asks Malini to go and comfort the baby. Malini warns her not to teach er what to do.

Aryan asks Imlie not to speak anything as it would go against her. Malini asks if she wants to go in. Imlie says yes. Malini asks her to apologize first. Imlie asks for what. Malini says for trying to trap her last night by illegally barging into her eyes, ruining her life, eyeing on her husband, because of her characterless mother because of whom she is in her life, etc.

Aryan says if she loves living in her past and blaming others for her ruined life, she can stay in her own delusional world unlike Imlie and Amma who struggled and live in a reality world. Nanny informs Malini that baby is refusing to have milk. Imlie rushes towards baby. Anu stops her and asks her to apologize first. Aryan asks Imlie not to apologize.

Imlie tells Malini that she is repeating the same words which she repeated 2 years ago, she doesn’t feel ashamed of what she did and wouldn’t apologize for herself, she feels sorry for Malini who was bought up in luxuries and couldn’t handle a small trouble, etc. Malini says its an amazing lecture, she apologize and go in.

Aryan says she doesn’t have to apologize. Imlie says sorry. Malini says she didn’t hear it. Imlie loudly says sorry. Malini asks her to apologize with folded hands. Imlie does hearing baby crying. Malini permits her and grins at Aryan. Imlie runs and comforts baby. Baby laughs. Imlie chats emotionally with the baby.


Imlie 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie notices orphanage form and thinks if Malini wants to send the baby to orphanage. Malini enters the room.


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