Imlie 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Imlie 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 16th July 2021 Aditya drops Imlie to college and apologizes her for whatever is happen with her at his home. She asks not to apologize her. He says her studies shouldn’t affect or else he won’t be able to forgive himself. She asks if bears scolding, he scolds in return; she heard his and Aparna’s conservation, so she is thinking of moving a way for a time being. He says she will prove hiss family wrong if she moves away and tomorrow is Pallavi’s muh dikhayi/introduction ceremony and she has to be present there. She says its Pallavi’s muh dikhayi and not hers. He says he will perform her muh dikhayi right now and introduces himself and Imlie to students and peon present there. She stops him. He says he learn nautanki from her and says they both as husband and wife will attend muh dikhayi function. She agrees.

Aparna calls Malini and invites her to Pallavi’s muh dikhayi ceremony. Malini remembering promising KC not to visit Tripathis again apologizes and denies to come. Aparna says she is her bahu and should be present. Malini says Imlie is also her bahu and she should pay attention to her. Aparna insists and lies that Adi asked her invite her, so she should come. Malini agrees. Aparna feels guilty for lying Malini. Malini thinks she broke promise made to KC.

Next morning, Radha guides house decoration for ceremony. Imlie asks if she can help. Radha says she is not a servant to work and asks Sundar to take care of arrangements as he get a salary. Sundar agrees and leaves. Imlie says let us keep the differences aside and concentrate on the function. Radha says if she really wants to help her, she shouldn’t introduce herself as Adi’s wife and stay away from her bahu’s function. After sometime, tailor delivers function clothes to Aparna and gives even Imlie’s clothes. Aparna says she doesn’t need it. Rupali asks why don’t she accept it when she ordered it for Imlie. Tailor says he will bear losses. Aparna pays him and asks him to dump it or sell it someone as the girl is not part of her family anymore. Imlie watches them hiding.

KC visits Malini’s house and calls her. Anu says she is not at home and thought she is with him. He jokes, calls Malini, finds her phone switched off, says she knew about their meeting today and even then she went somewhere. Driver returns and informs Anu that he dropped Malini to her in-laws’ house as there is a function there. KC thinks Malini broke her promise. Anu asks him to finalize Malini and Adi’s divorce as soon as possible and take today’s date. He says court doesn’t work on her terms and he needs time to take a date.

Malini visits Tripathi House. Aparna offers her dress. Malini asks if whole family is wearing same themed dresses. Aparna says yes. Malini asks even Imlie. Aparna says she is still her bahu and should wear it forgetting about Imlie. Malini says she has accepted the truth and even she should. Aparna insists that she wants her bahu today to be part of the function and convinces her. Malini agrees. Imlie in her room feels sad reminiscing Aparna’s bitter words and tries to study. Adi asks her to get ready for function. She hesitates and says she needs to complete an assignment. He says he will inform her professor that she will submit assignment after 2 days. She stops him. He says she is lying and her real assignment is outside. She says she is worried for family as its Pallavi’s muh dikhayi function and if she goes out, people’s attention will be her and not Pallavi. Adi says their elders are angry on them as they consider her as servant and bothered about guests instead who will forget after returning. He continues his speech and says he will return to pick her up in 5 minutes.

Function starts. Aparna and Radha visit guests and asks their neighbors about another neighbor Mrs Sharma. Neighbors gossip that Mrs Sharmaa’s daughter eloped with a driver and ruined whole family’s dignity. Aparna changes the topic and goes to other guests. They gossip that Aparna is hurt as her daughter is at home since years and her son is getting divorced within 8 months of marriage. Aparna gets angry hearing that and confronts them to that they are too much worried about her family and should ask her bahu Malini if she is divorcing her son or not. Malini walks to them. Rupali asks Aparna why did she call Malini here as Imlie will also attend the function. Aparna says let us see then.


Imlie 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aditya introduces Imlie to guests as his wife and says Malini doesn’t stay with them anymore. Guest taunts that they give leftovers and utensils to servants, but Aparna gave her son to her servant. All guests walk away.


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