Imlie 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 16th July 2022 Imlie prays Seeta maiya help her to expose Malini’s truth in front of everyone. Orphanage manager walks in. Malini gets nervous seeing her. Imlie thinks Milini got nervous seeing manager and welcomes manager.

Manager brings orphanage students along. Neela gets angry seeing orphan kids and yells at them. Arpita control Neela and asks children to join them for pooja. Panditji starts pooja. Malini leaves Gudiya and leaves. Imlie thinks Malini got so nervous that she left Gudiya and ran away. She signals manger.

Malini rushes towards door when manager stops her. Malini smiles at her and recalls learning Imlie steal orphanage form, calling orphanage manager and involving her in her plan. Out of flashback, she offers money to the manager.

Manager thanks her and says this money will help orphanage kids a lot. Malini says until she continues helping her, she will continue to get donation. Imlie fears for manager’s life and searches her. Manager asks Malini if she will give them more donation. Malini says she will until manager helps her.

Aryan stops Imlie. Imlie says manager was here and is missing now. Aryan remids her promise of taking care of herself and Chiku. Imlie notices Gudiya smiling. Aryan says Gudiya has gone on Imlie.

Imlie sas Gudiya would be an intelliwoman. Aryan says she is right, she looks dumb running with 2 babies, so they both should handle babies. Imlie hands over Gudiya to him and asks him not separate with her even for a second.

He agrees. Imlie heads back to pooja venue. Anu thinks this is the time for drama. Imlie notices manager counting money and asks what is she doing when she came to help her. Malini says she came to help me now.

Anu drops oil on the carpet and sets fire. Aryan chats with the baby while carrying baby. Aryan hearing everyone shouting keeps baby in a cradle and heads towards fire accident when a girl seeks his help as her brother is feeling short of breath. Aryan rushes to help the boy. Imlie sets off fire with a fire extinguisher.

Malini thinks nobody trusts Imlie however she tries, orphan kids helped me anyways. Sundar and house staff take all the guest to the dining area. Malini throws a ball at Gudiya’s cradle wheel and the cradle wheels towards the steps.

Aryan notices that and runs towards it. Imlie also runs. Aryan asks her to stop running. Imlie ignores him and runs towards cradle. Aryan holds the cradle just when its about to fall from the stairs.

Imlie steps on a ball and falls from the steps rolling down till the ground severely injured. Aryan leaves the cradle in shock and it falls near Imlie.

Arpita, Sundar, and Narmada rush towards Imlie. Aryan slowly walks towards Imlie and lifts her. Anu and malini smirk standing at a distance. Aryan then rushes Imlie towards hospital recalling her words. Malini thanks toys are made to break, even Imlie broke today.


Imlie 17th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie’s vital sign monitor goes blank. Doctor tells Aryan that they tried their best and could save only one life.


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