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Imlie 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 19th July 2021 Imlie picks Aditya’s stuff/blankets and pillow from her corner to keep it back in Aditya’s room. Aditya says he knew these problems would arise, then why is she back off instead of moving ahead as its a time to stand united and not separated. She says the time is very bad as family is being humiliated by society because of them. He says why should they feel humiliated by people who don’t care about them, he doesn’t care what they discuss. She says it matters as they live in a society and society knows his each family member’s name; when she was born, her amma and villagers knew each other and they insulted her amma her whole life, even her fake grandma doesn’t spare a chance to insult her amma; his family is insulted because of her and she will not think of anything else until she clears the humiliation from his family. He asks how will she do that. She says by heart and rest Seeta maiya will handle. He picks his stuff and leaves.

Next morning, neighbor ladies barge into Tripathi House ignoring Sundar and tell Aparna that they don’t pay attention to servants, maybe it happens in Aparna’s house. Another laughs warning others to respect the servant as he may be T family’s future son-in-law and says she is just joking. Sundar stops Imlie from going into living room. Imlie asks reason. He asks not to question. Radha asks ladies if they had some work. They say they came to ask if their bahus are participating in society’s best bahu competition. Radha says she will enroll Pallavi. Lady taunts Aparna that she was boasting that her bahu will defeat her bahu Prachi, if she was talking about Malini or the servant bahu. Another asks to enroll her servant bahu’s name. Imlie hearing their conversation hiding walks to them and asks if they enroll their bahus’ name with their permission or themselves enroll without their bahus’ wish. She taunts them about their bahus and warns that she can expose their family issues in front of others like they are doing; they taunted Aparna earlier that she grabbed a rich bahu and now when they found out that a servant his Aparna’s bahu, they came again to create a drama. Aparna asks Imlie to stop and go in as she is insulted in her own house because of Imlie. She tells ladies that she will enroll Pallavi in the evening and sends them away.

Malini goes to KC’s office and asks why did he leave her divorce case without even informing him, if its a joke for him. He says he is not and she is joking instead and not serious about her case, else she won’t miss her appointment. She says its just once. He says she goes to Tripathi house repeatedly whenever they call her. She says its not easy to reject maa’s request. He says Aparna is Adi’s mother and not hers. She says she thought at least he will understand her situation. He says he understood it well and truth is she doesn’t want divorce at all and tries to go near Adi in lieu of Imlie or something else, so she should take back her case file. Malini walks away saying she made a big mistake by coming to him.

Aparna tells Pankaj that she is not being childish as she always wished that her bahu will win the competition hoping Malini will, but her bahu is a servant instead and they are badly insulted because of Adi’s heinous act; Imlie can never be a best bahu, doesn’t she deserve a best bahu, etc. Imlie hears their conversation and determines to win the best bahu competition. She expresses her wish to Adi who says he thought she is half insane, but she is fully insane; he knows she wants to get into elders’ best books, but doesn’t have to participate in competition. She gives her reasoning that she wants to see a smile on Aparna’s face and make her feel proud, so she needs Adi’s support and requests him to become her chidiya ghar who cheer up competitors. He says its cheerleader, he cannot wear skirt and do gymnastic for her, so she should stop all this and concentrate on her studies.

Aparna and Radha take Pallavi to enroll in best bahu competition. Renu and her friends laugh on them that they brought only 1 bahu and Aparna’s dream is shattered. Imlie enters and says Aparna’s dream will be fulfilled by her and enrolling herself in competition as Aparna’s bahu challenges ladies that everyone can try their best, but she will win the best bahu competition for sure. Aparna tears her ticket and says if she has to book at ticket, she should book Pagdandiya ticket instead and stop humiliating her. Renu aunty taunts that her bahu Prachi will win the competition as usual. Imlie confronts Renu and Prachi and files again for competition. and challenges them to win the competition. Pallavi backs her and says she is confident that Imlie will win.

Malini returns home sadly. Anu gets concerned seeing her and asks reason. Malini says Kunal left her case and cries. Anu says they will hire another lawyer. Malini says Kunal says she is unable to forget Adi, she feels he is right and she feels ashamed that she cannot forget Adi even after so much happened. Anu says its not her mistake as Adi made many promises and didn’t even fulfill one, so its better she forgets Adi and their relationship as soon as possible. Malini says she is trying her best but is unable to. Anu hugs and consoles her and thinks until her daughter is crying, she will let Aditya and Imlie be happy.


Imlie 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu participates as best bahu competition’s guest and she announces that competitors have to prepare food which is not Indian.


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