Imlie 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


Imlie 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 1st September 2022 Imlie gets worried for Cheeni and leaves Aryan alone. She thinks she failed to fulfill her responsibility towards Cheeni. Cheeni walks to her and rudely asks what is it. Imlie hugs her emotionally.

Narmada asks Anu if Malini met Aryan and Imlie. Anu says no. Arpita says that means all 3 are safe. Anupama says no child can be safe with Imlie, Malini lost her daughter and Arpita lost her nephew because of Imlie.

Arpita warns her to stop stooping so low and ays they all lost something 5 years ago, but Imlie lost her baby and a lot more and even then she is taking care of Cheeni like a mother and a mother can never harm her baby. Preeta tells Neela that Imlie’s bhakt/admirer Arpita has already started chanting Imlie’s name. Anu thinks nothing of that sort will happen.

Aryan wakes up and thinks how did he come there. He walks out in search of Imlie and Cheeni. Cheeni tells Imlie that someone will give her sugar if she continues to call Cheeni. She says Imlie is an epitome of girl power and is the one who is bringing her up or else she doesn’t even know who her mother is. She further reveals how she served Imlie and Aryan bhang milk.

Aryan walks to them and asks if they are fine. Imlie says they are fine. Aryan asks how did he come there and what was he doing in a hut. Imlie realizes he doesn’t remember last night’s events. Cheeni say she will, she was out, but Imlie. Imlie says even she was out of the hut with Cheeni. She walks with them sadly.

Arpita discusses with Sundar that they need to send Jaggu to a boarding school as Malini and Anu’s repeated interference in their house. Sundar agrees and cheers her up. Aryan with Imlie and Cheeni walks towards his car. Malini sets fire to a drum and pushes it towards Imlie. Drum rolls back towards her.

She tries to run away, but her dupatta gets stuck. She frees it and falls down. Imlie notices that, runs towards the drum, and drags it far away. Drum explodes. Aryan gets worried for Imlie and looks for her. Cheeni also cries worried for Imlie. Malini hopes Imlie is dead. Imlie walks back to them.

Aryan emotionally hugs Imlie and then getting into senses apologizes her. Imlie asks Malini if she is hurt. Cheeni rudely asks khali mali/Malni to thank Imlie. Malini walks away saying she will not apologize one who hurt her first and then saved her. Imlie asks Cheeni to stop her bad manners. Cheeni asks her to teach manners to Malini first.

Malini returns home. Anu pampers her. Narmada asks where are other kids. Aryan, Imlie, and Cheeni walk in next. Narmada hugs them all and ask if they are fine. Anu asks Malini if her pandal plan failed.

Malini says goons will not open their mouth. Cheeni informs that someone set fire at the pandal, Malini got stuck, and Imlie got injured while saving Malini. Imlie say she is fine. Arpita asks Aryan if there was romance in his and Imlie’s story. Aryan says he doesn’t know.

Cheeni tries to reveal about Aryan and Imlie spending a night at a hut, but Imlie stops her and takes her away. Sundar and Arpita pull Aryan’s legs and suggest him to accept Imlie. Aryan recalls Imlie stopping Cheeni from speaking twice and thinks what she wants to hide.


Imlie 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Doctor informs Imlie that her daughter’s condition is very critical. Imlie says she is not Imlie’s mother and got her when she was 3 months old, she needed blood transfusion even then. Malini hears her and realizes Cheeni is her daughter, she determines to take revenge and Cheeni back from Imlie.


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