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Imlie 20st May 2021 Aditya tells Imlie, Mithi and Satyakam that he told truth to Malini. He says Malini knows the truth that I love you. He says I never lied to you and will tell truth to everyone. He says I will tell everyone that you are my wife. Mithi and Satyakam get glad and happy for Imlie. Malini returns home. Dev and Anu get surprised seeing her there. Anu asks what happened? Malini asks her to tell what she did with Imlie that forced her to leave the house. Anu replies that she has done the same thing which did with you. She says my daughter’s blood flown and she felt pain resulted in tears. She says she has settled the scores. Malini asks if you are in your senses, you will take revenge for whatever happening in my life with a 19 years old girl. She asks what you are thinking, do you have an idea that you are taking anger on her.

She says don’t take my name to justify your behavior, you have problem with Imlie from day one. Dev says you have seen your mother’s true face, she didn’t leave a chance to trouble Imlie, insult her, hurt her feelings and this time she had raised her hand on her and beaten her so much. Malini says it is really nice that you are so worried for a stranger girl and you have noticed all her feelings well. Dev asks why are you saying this? Malini says you cares for her so much, tells that Aditya went behind her and will search her. She then wonders what happened to me, I got angry on Maa and Papa. She thinks what to do, Imlie wil stand as the wall between me and my family. Dadi asks why did she come home? Malini tells that she will make the special project ready and will leave.

Aditya asks Imlie what is she doing? Imlie asks him to let her do what she is doing and tells that she is tying sita maiyya’s thread to his hand for safety. He asks if her thread is strong than the helmet. Imlie tells that I, my courage, and Sita Maiyya is strong. He says Jhalli. She says shehri langoor. She asks about Malini. He says Malini was shocked and felt betrayed, but she accepted the fact. He says he wants her to be happy always. Imlie asks what happened? Aditya says she has someone in her life, I just wish that he can give her everything which I couldn’t give you and I just wish that he changes her world like you changed mine. Imlie asks what are you saying? Aditya tells that she is seeing a college friend. Imlie says this can’t be truth, she can’t of anyone other than you. Aditya says when I have realized that it was not love after many years, then why she can’t feel the same. He says Malini told the name of the guy too. Imlie thinks even she knows Malini and there is nobody in her life other than you.

Malini thinks she didn’t want to go far from Aditya but. She calls Desai. Desai asks how is Aditya and her? Malini says she wants to talk to him and asks him not to tell Mom and Papa. She tells that she wants to take divorce from Aditya, asks him to start the formalities. She says she will convey them later and will come to his office tomorrow. Dev overhears and thinks if everything is fine between Aditya and Malini.

Aditya calls Aparna and tells that he is in Pagdandiya and called to inform that he is with Imlie and will return with her. Aparna says you are calling after 2 days to inform this and haven’t asked about Malini. Aditya asks how is she? Aparna tells that she has sent her to her house. She says you don’t miss her, as you are busy somewhere else. She thanks him for calling her and ends the call. Imlie asks if choti Kaki is still upset? Aditya asks her to call her Maa. Imlie says first Malini’s heart was hurt and now all the family. She says she can’t hurt them. Aditya asks if she herself be hurt all her life and says this is your sasural, I am your husband and you are my wife. He says I took months to accept this relation, which you have accepted since day 1. He asks her to walk with him. Imlie says she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Aditya hopes that Satyakam and Mithi will forgive him and asks Imlie to call them. Dev calls Desai and asks him if Malini called him. He says Malini is having problems in her married life and asks if she said anything. Desai says even I felt bad, she said that she wants to file divorce. Dev is shocked.

Mithi asks Aditya not to give clarification, says if Imlie trusts you then even we. Aditya says I want you all to know about me. He says Malini and I were together since 7 days, our thoughts used to matched. He says when I came to pagdandiya to take your interview, that time my family was deciding Malini and my marriage date, but my life changed after coming here, forced marriage happened, I never accepted her as my wife and didn’t give my name to her, didn’t let her to apply sindoor of my name. He says she might have hidden this from you, I didn’t want to take her to my house. He says being a woman is very difficult, but a defeated man is more difficult, when I was married off on the gun point, my self esteem was ruined and Imlie was the result of my defeat. He says whenever I saw her, I used to recall that I had to break the promise made to my family and Malini. He says I took her home, but couldn’t tell truth to anyone. He says Imlie sacrificed her self esteem to stay in my house as a Servant. He tells that he couldn’t fight with the circumstances and was lying with Malini and took out his frustration on Imlie. He says he should have supported her to study, but she worked as a Servant in his house. He tells them that Imlie was bearing his frustration throughout. He says now he can’t imagine her with someone else, but she has seen me marrying Malini. He tells that she saw me giving right to someone which is hers, I never regarded her as my wife, she never asked for anything and gave me so much in return, strength, courage, chance, forgiveness etc.

Dev is shocked. He says I thought they are fine, and asks if Malini said what resulted in divorce. Desai says no, she asked me to start the formalities. Dev asks him not to do anything and let him talk to her. Desai asks him to let him talk to her first, as she called him. Dev says ok and thinks if Aditya wants divorce too. He recalls Anu telling that Imlie confessed that she has an affair with Aditya, and that Malini’s marriage happened due to her favour. Dev thinks Aditya is in Pagdandiya, thinks my one daughter’s life is going to be ruined due to my other daughter.


Imlie 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini comes to the bus stand and asks about Pagdandiya bus. She sees Imlie near the bus stand.


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